The Official Film Chart - The U.K Top Ten (18th March)

Beat the coronavirus blues with our countdown of the Top 10 movies on the market right now!

Tora! Tora! Tora! Welcome once again to the official rundown of what the British consumer has been buying and downloading over the past seven days. We are in the midst of a medical crisis not only here but around the globe. As more and more of the population are forced to self-isolate, it is understandable that people are grabbing whatever takes their fancy to keep them entertained over the bleak times we are currently facing. As such, this week’s chart welcomes back two old favourites in the bottom two places in the chart alongside two new entries. As such, these new additions into the top ten mean we must bid adios to four titles and it comes as a surprise to some as the titles leaving us are ‘Abominable‘, ‘Gemini Man‘, ‘Zombieland: Double Tap‘ and ‘The Addams Family‘. And we once again have a new number one title. So, let’s all sit back, grab a brew, raid the biscuits and see what is appearing on people’s televisions across the country.


As the introduction hints at, dropping a bomb on the rest of the chart and rising a place to become the UK’s new number one home release is Roland Emmerich’s World War II epic ‘Midway‘. The big-budget version of the bombing of Pearl Harbor scores a direct hit as after making its debut on disc last Monday, it takes the week’s top honours. Starring Ed Skrein, Woody Harrelson and Dennis Quaid, the film portrays the surprise Japanese attack on the United States Navy in 1941 and the subsequent aftermath as America joins in the armed conflict. It is the kind of film that will, in years to come, join the ranks of the old days and become a Sunday afternoon film being shown on the BBC or ITV.


Racing in from nowhere and hitting the brakes just slightly short of the top spot, making it this week’s number two best seller is Oscar-winning drama ‘Le Mans ’66‘ or ‘Ford V Ferarri‘ as it is called in America and Canada. The James Mangold directed film stars Matt Damon and Christian Bale and recalls the battle between the two carmakers in the true story of the rivalry that culminated in the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1966. The film is a worthy watch for all car enthusiasts and for fans of all forms of motor racing. It is enjoyable and in places, quite funny and an engrossing film to sit back and watch. Be warned though, it has a runtime of two and a half hours but believe me when I say, it is completely worth every minute.


His run at the top of the chart has been terminated as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton accept their fate as ‘Terminator: Dark Fate‘ malfunctions but still manages to stay in the top three titles as it ends the week in the third position. The film is a rip-roaring, violent and wholely enjoyable movie to watch during the evenings. Forget the box office failure that sadly the film suffered. The film is exactly the right kind of entertainment to get you through the evening and to pass the time quite easily.

Terminator Dark Fate

He has awoken and he is starting to shine as ‘Doctor Sleep‘ rises from his bed and manages to make his way into the fourth-placed position. The sequel to the 1980 horror hit ‘The Shining‘ didn’t set the box office alight upon its release but take it from me, it made its way into my top five films of 2019 with ease. It is a slow burn as was the original movie but it is worth sticking with all the way through. Ewan McGregor stars this time around as the now grown-up Danny Torrance. The film even re-imagines some of the classic scenes from the original to great effect. Some of the film is gruesome and disturbing and there is plenty of jump scares to be had. But all in all, the film is a wonderful adaptation of the Stephen King novel and a worthy purchase to revisit time and again.


Dropping another two places and not laughing quite so loud or as long as ‘Joker‘ rounds out this week’s top five best selling films. The double Oscar-winning film has had quite the run at the box office and on home entertainment and is a film you can always depend on to entertain the adults after the children are tucked up in bed.

Movie Review | Joker

Starting our look at the bottom five titles, we find the servants and residents of ‘Downton Abbey‘ holding their own as they become a non-mover in the week’s sixth position.


Losing her magic again for another week as she tumbles two places to finish the past seven days in a seventh-placed finish comes Angelina Jolie and ‘Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil‘.


We welcome our second and final new entry of the week as Emilia Clarke wonderfully emerges into the top ten on downloads alone as the marvellous ‘Last Christmas‘ makes its chart bow in the eighth place. The charming comedy/drama is the perfect type of film to cuddle up with together. Boasting the songs of George Michael and Wham!, the film is an entertaining piece of entertainment. But if you know someone who has seen it and decides to talk to you about it, make sure they DON’T spoil the twist for you! If they do, it will ruin your enjoyment of the film and take away a lot of the magic that awaits you during your viewing of the film.

Last Christmas - Emilia Clarke

Once again finding its way back into the top ten, even after topping the chart, dropping out, re-entering again and dropping out, we welcome back Woody, Buzz and the rest as once again, we get reacquainted with ‘Toy Story 4‘ as it returns in the ninth position, a rise of ten places from last week’s number 19. My guess is that parents that hadn’t picked the film up as of yet or hadn’t downloaded the film on the streaming site of their choice have decided to get the film into their collection ahead of the shortly to be announced closure of all the schools in the United Kingdom, ready to keep the little ones entertained for the duration of the lockdown.

Toy Story 4 - Buzz Lightyear

And to finish the top ten titles in the United Kingdom and rising ten places from last week’s number twenty, we must assume the same rules apply that apply to ‘Toy Story 4‘ as we welcome back once again another former number one title into the chart as ‘The Lion King’ roars once again. The Live-action remake of the classic animated movie is one of the best selling titles in UK chart history and once again will be playing on televisions across the country.


Hitting download and keep from March 23rd, we welcome another reboot of the classic 1970s and 1980s TV series ‘Charlie’s Angels‘ as actress Elizabeth Banks writes, directs and co-stars an updated version of the property. Kristen Stewart leads the line this time around with Sir Patrick Stewart on co-starring duties. The film was a box office flop upon its release last year, something that Ms. Banks blamed squarely on ‘The Avengers‘ and the male-oriented films that were and still are dominating the charts. It didn’t help that the film isn’t all that good and deserved to be a letdown. I do feel sorry for Elizabeth Banks as she is completely right about why the film flopped. And it is a rare misfire for the actress as she is usually quite spot on with her screenplays. However, we can forgive her this faux pas as her intentions were good and her heart was in the right place. The film will make an impression on the chart when it hits disc and download and will be good for a family movie night or a night in with the girls with a bottle or three of wine.


What will top the chart next week? Will ‘Midway continue its (bombing) run and hold firm at the top? Will ‘Le Mans ’66’ accelerate and park itself at the summit? Will ‘Terminator: Dark Fate‘ and be back at number one? Will ‘Doctor Sleep‘ shine through again and make its way to the top of the tree? Or will ‘Last Christmas’ charm its way into making you give it your heart and make it the chart champion?

Whatever you decide, whatever you buy, happy viewing!

And on a personal note, may you and your families all be healthy and safe.


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