November 26, 2022
Could We Be Getting Freddy VS Jason 2?

Carl explores the possibility of Jason Vorhees facing off against Freddy Krueger ONE LAST TIME!

Back in 2003, a movie came out that had me rushing for the nearest movie theatre. Was it high art? Not a chance! Would it go on to win multiple awards including Oscars? You must be kidding! Would it be a critical hit? Absolutely not! What it would do was to bring two of the horror cinema’s greatest creations together, two of the most despicable characters ever committed to celluloid. It would be the ultimate showdown between two horror icons, one that used to outsell the other until the roles were reversed.

Both of them had fallen on hard times after less than stellar efforts in their (almost) final sequels. But after many false starts, many screenplays, and revisions and after almost giving up hope, we finally got what we, the fans, wanted. We got Krueger against Voorhees. We got ‘Freddy VS Jason‘.

Could We Be Getting Freddy VS Jason 2?

Apart from making the almost unforgivable error in not hiring legendary ‘Jason‘ actor Kane Hodder to return as the character and despite the makers denying what we, including Hodder and Robert Englund, wanted to see, not Freddy against Jason but in essence, Englund against Hodder (Mr. Hodder told me that himself, in person, at LFCC Summer last year when I met him), the film was a box office smash. And I adored it. I Still do. It is one of those films that I can put on at any time I feel like it, either on DVD or Blu-Ray and still enjoy it like it was the first time I was watching it. But what I, like many Freddy and Jason fans didn’t get what we wanted after the film. A sequel.

Spoiler Alert if you’ve never seen the movie, Jason appears to win as he emerges from the lake at the climax of the film clutching Freddy’s decapitated head in his hand only for Freddy to look at the camera and wink as he passes it, the scene snaps to black and we hear his laugh echo around the theatre just before the end credits roll. The film was crying out for a sequel, one that we never got. However, there is a small glimpse of light that may possibly change that.


The writers of ‘Freddy VS Jason‘ and the ‘Friday The 13th‘ remake from 2009, Damien Shannon and Mark Swift have gone on record to say they would love to see a Freddy VS Jason II hit the screen sometime soon. However, they want fresh blood to be behind the sequel and not themselves. Both writers said in a statement:

“We still want to get it made! We would always love to do another one. But it’s always good to get fresh eyes on the material, no? We’ve had our day. We’ve written for Jason more than any other writer, I think. Let someone new come in and give it fresh blood!”


I would LOVE to see a second round between the two horror icons on the big screen. A decent R Rated sequel featuring two out of three of my favorite horror characters would be completely amazing. But it would have to be brought to the screen with both Robert Englund and Kane Hodder in the respective roles and sadly, I think it’s not to be. I know that Hodder would be happy to play Jason one more time after he was asked the question at LFCC last year and answered that he would but I think Englund will keep his promise and not put on Freddy’s red and green sweater, battered Fedora and spend hours in the make-up chair again. Which is sad but understandable. However, he also said he would make one final appearance as the burned dream demon and possibly, this could be the film to do it.


And now, suddenly overnight, we get even more news. Shannon and Swift spoke about the aborted sequel they had planned for the 2009 reboot and especially the plan to set the sequel in the snow and to have extended flashbacks that focussed on Pamela Voorhees, showing that Jason was a chip off his mother’s block! It was going to show that Pamela was the scariest Voorhees of them all. Sadly, the film was abandoned due mainly to the rights dispute that is still running through the courts today but it would have been a nice touch to have seen the Pamela Voorhees backstory portrayed on the screen.

London Film & Comic Con | Jason Takes London...Twice!

And speaking of Mamma Voorhees special little boy…the daddy of them all, the one and only Kane Hodder has spoken of his desire to make another appearance as the hockey-masked killer. Hodder said when asked:

“I mean, I would love to. We’ve got to do another one, right? There have been 12 movies so far. We gotta do 13, right? So, I’m all for it! Hey, I can still kill Mother f*****s! (Laughs)”

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With the statements from Shannon, Swift and Hodder plus the option of one final big payday for both Englund and Hodder, the chance to play the characters one last time and the chance to finally give the fans what they should have had back in 2003, we can hold onto a hope that the film will hit the multiplexes someday soon. And that wouldn’t be a nightmare. It would be, perhaps, the sweetest of dreams to have on a Friday The 13th.


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