December 9, 2022
The Official Film Chart - The U.K Top Ten (25th March)

Beat the coronavirus blues with the hottest movies on disc and digital this week!

This Is The Way! Welcome and thank you all once again for joining us for the rundown of what has been grabbed off the shelves or bought or downloaded online as we countdown the official UK top ten home entertainment releases. We are now firmly on lockdown here and as such, there have been quite a few movers and shakers in the chart over the past seven days as we get to grips with what’s happening outside our front doors. This has affected the chart in a small way as we welcome two new entries into the chart, one at the very top as expected with the other coming in just under halfway. As we greet and say hello to these two newbies, we sadly have to bid goodbye to two other titles and its a surprise for one film. This week, we say goodbye once more to ‘Toy Story 4‘ and in a shock departure, we also bid farewell and goodnight to ‘Doctor Sleep‘ which has departed after only a brief period inside the chart. So, let us self-isolate, grab a hot drink and a sandwich and see what has been happening.


Proving that the British public and the world it seems just can’t let it go, we welcome our brand new number one in the form of Disney’s chilly sequel ‘Frozen 2‘. Once again, the film has defied the odds to become a smash hit on the home front, possibly due to the ongoing medical crisis but more than likely because fans of the franchise have been lapping it up in their droves. Whether it’s being downloaded or bought on a disc, the film is the expected highest new entry of the week. Again, I cannot comment on the film as I haven’t seen it but it appears the public cannot get enough of Elsa and company and the film will provide great viewing for the young children off school at this moment in time and for the foreseeable future.


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Finding its brakes work perfectly well as it holds its position in the number two slot, we find the Oscar-Winning drama ‘Le Mans ’66‘ or ‘Ford Vs Ferarri‘ if you prefer or are from the United States and Canada. The true-life story of the epic battle between the two automobile racing companies and the desire to break the hold one has over the other in the sport was a box office success and once more brought the acting prowess of Matt Damon and Christian Bale to the fore. The film is a perfect night’s entertainment for a ‘Petrolhead’ or anyone with an interest in the sport and its history.


Rising five places from last weeks number eight to enchant itself into the top three and a third-placed finish, we find Emelia Clarke in the charming, funny and totally enjoyable ‘Last Christmas‘. Many people will only know Ms. Clarke from her time on the TV show ‘Game Of Thrones‘ but here, she is delightful in the role of Kate, a free-spirited girl with a secret. It comes as little surprise that the public has been lapping up the film as it is a wonderful way of spending the evening hours. It could, quite possibly, in years to come become this generation’s’ Bridget Jones‘ as a film that is played constantly on TV and watched time and again.

Last Christmas - Emilia Clarke

Polishing up the silver, preparing a feast and rising two places from sixth to the week’s fourth position, we once again enjoy a visit to Yorkshire and the residents and staff of ‘Downton Abbey‘. The film has been up and down the chart ever since its release and continues to sell extremely well. In these dark times where we are limited in our time spent outside our front doors, it seems fitting that the public has once again been lapping up the film. On current form, the film is destined to be inside the top ten for a while yet and is almost certain to be one of the biggest selling titles of the year already.


They’ve dropped their torpedos and managed to hit and damage themselves in the process as last week’s number one plummets down to end the week in the fifth position as ‘Midway‘ somehow manages to almost sink itself. The Roland Emmerich directed film about the bombing of Pearl Harbor will still manage to keep itself afloat a little while longer as the public downloads and buys films to keep them entertained over the coming months.


investigating the chart and managing to snag itself a new entry in the sixth-placed position based on downloads ahead of its disc release this coming Monday, we bid Bonjour to the Rian Johnson detective mystery ‘Knives Out‘. The film stars Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, and Christopher Plummer and is a throwback to the classic murder mystery films of years gone by. Now, I saw the film last year and didn’t expect that much from it. What I saw managed to make the film my second favourite film of 2019. The film is completely brilliant, hilariously funny at times, dark and broody in others but for the entire running time, the film is a complete joy to watch. It is a film that everyone can sit down to, watch, make their guesses at who the killer is and have great fun all at once. The standout performances are from Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc and from Evans as Ransom, the spoilt and playboy son of Plummer’s character. But stealing the show from them all is an incredible performance from Ana De Armas as Marta, Plummer’s characters nurse. She gives what I think SHOULD have been an Oscar-winning performance in the film. And I cannot praise or recommend it highly enough.


His chart run has been well and truly terminated as Arnold Schwarzenegger and his probable swansong to the franchise self destructs as ‘Terminator: Dark Fate‘ falls four places to mechanically land at this week’s seventh place.

Terminator Dark Fate

He’s already got what he f*****g deserves as his chart and box office success can attest to but his laugh is more like a strangled off croak now as Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix and his fantastic DCU drama ‘Joker‘ drops three places to hang out in the eighth-placed position.

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Her magic is coming to an end and the spell and charm are certainly wearing off as Angelina Jolie and ‘Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil‘  tumbles another two places but just about manages to hold onto a top ten position as she comes home in ninth place.


Hanging onto a top ten finish once again by the skin on its claws, in the tenth and final position in our chart, we find ‘The Lion King‘ remake. The film has had a great time in the top ten ever since it emerged at the back end of last year and has been in and out of it several times. However, with the launch of Disney+ this week and its availability on that platform and on Sky Movies, its position is increasingly looking under threat once again.

The Lion King - Simba

Hitting download and keep from the 30th March, the crime drama ‘Motherless Brooklyn‘ makes itself known. A project that has been years in the planning and making by director and star, Edward Norton, the film didn’t blow the roof off of cinemas the world over, even with Bruce Willis in support. The film didn’t deserve its fate as it is a really good adaptation of the novel on which it is based and is a worthy watch for the adult viewer. I again recommend giving the film a shot as it is worth an evening in and a decent crime film to boot.


So, what will the chart look like next week? I’m going to go out on a limb and say the chart and any new entries will be vying for the second position downwards as ‘Frozen II‘ will almost certainly hold onto the top spot. So, in a change to my normal question, what will be in the runner-up position next week? Will ‘Le Mans ’66‘ once again deploy its brakes and hang on? Will ‘Last Christmas‘ charm it’s way up to the second position? Will ‘Downton Abbey‘ rise once more and grab the spot? Or will ‘Knives Out‘ cut through the rest and manage to detect the way into climbing into the silver medal position?

Whatever you decide, whatever you buy, happy and SAFE viewing!


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