January 27, 2023
The Batman - Matt Reeves Reveals Our First Look at The Batmobile

Production on the Dark Knight‘s newest adventure becomes the latest victim of the Coronavirus pandemic

It was bound to happen. Although last week Warner Bros. suspended production on the reboot of its DCU character ‘The Batman‘, it has been announced by director Matt Reeves that the production had now shut down for the foreseeable future. Replying to a question about the on hiatus production on Twitter and asking after the cast and crews health and safety, Reeves replied:

“Yes, we have shut down till it is safe for us all to resume…Everyone safe for the moment, thank you for asking, and stay safe too…”


The two-week suspension was almost finished for the film and we can all assume that production won’t be re-starting for quite a while yet. This will inevitably lead to the film not making its release date of June 25th 2021 but, of course, the safety of the cast and crew is paramount in these uncertain times. With production now halted on the film, it is also safe to assume that work on the new film in the ‘Matrix‘ franchise will also have to shut down completely for the duration. Once again, we now await confirmation on this but it is almost inevitable that it will come to pass.

The Batman - Robert Pattinson Test Footage Batsuit Revealed

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