October 3, 2022
The Official Film Chart The U.K Top Ten (8th April)

This week – the Great British public beat the coronavirus blues with some sensational movies. Jumanji levelled up to second but got iced by the unshakable Frozen 2

I suspect Foul Play! But not in this week’s official film chart where we once again count down what the British consumer has been buying and watching during the current lockdown. And what a week it’s been. More titles that have decided to bypass the currently closed cinemas and will instead make their debuts on home entertainment and the pushback of many of the year’s summer blockbusters, many of which won’t open now until NEXT year. But we still have the DVD/ Blu-Ray and digital download market to sustain our thirst for movie entertainment. This week sees two new entries into the chart and two re-entries towards the bottom half of the top ten. That means four places have to be vacated and this means we say goodbye to ‘Charlie’s Angels‘, ‘Midway‘, ‘Terminator: Dark Fate‘ and ‘21 Bridges‘. And yet again, we have a non-mover at the top of the chart as predicted. So, come with me if you want to live! Get Down!


Once again deciding that it won’t let it go as it holds firm at the top of the chart for the third week, we find the chilly Disney sequel ‘Frozen II‘. The film has now broken the half a million sales as it hit disc for the first time. It managed to sell 201,000 units this past week, 78% of which was on a disc, meaning the film has now shifted 530,000 copies in three weeks. The film has become one of the best-loved sequels of modern times and looks certain to hold firm for a while longer yet. And this is only the first of TWO places the film occupies this week.


Hitting the joysticks and playing its way into the second-place position, we welcome our first new entry into the chart as ‘Jumanji: The Next Level‘ breaks through. The third film in the franchise and the second to star Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, Jack Black and Kevin Hart, the film has been a complete success on both the cinematic and the home entertainment front. The film has attained its second place based on downloads alone and will be a threat to ‘Frozen II‘s dominance at the top of the chart when it finally hits the disc format.


Still investigating the third place in the chart for a second week, we join in the fun with Benoit Blanc and company as the brilliant ‘Knives Out‘ retains its place. The modern updating of the classic murder-mysteries from years ago is one of the films in the chart that I cannot recommend highly enough. Its superb blend of mystery, deception, death and comedy is one that will become a firm favourite in years to come and I’m over the moon that a second helping of Daniel Craig’s intrepid detective will hit cinemas in a few years. If any film in the chart is worthy of a sequel based on its sheer enjoyment factor alone, this is it.


Battling still as he holds firm in the fourth position, due to the £15.99 one-off rental deal that is currently ongoing on all streaming formats, we find Vin Diesel in ‘Bloodshot‘. The film is one of those that had just opened at the box office when the coronavirus pandemic forced cinemas to close their doors and as such, has been released on streaming early. Now, I would like to say that I would rather have seen the film on the big screen but I decided to bite the bullet and rent the film as I do enjoy a bit of Vin Diesel action. Sadly, I have to report that I found the film to be extremely lacking in quality and is certainly not one of Diesel’s best works. Don’t let me put you off if you’re considering renting the film but just be prepared for what you will see is all I shall say.


Its brakes have failed and it finds itself skidding down to a fifth-place finish this week after spending a few weeks at number two but ‘Le Mans ’66‘ manages to hold onto a place in the top half of the chart once more. The drama starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale is still worthy of a download or picking up on a disc to watch at your leisure as it is a top-quality piece of entertainment.


We begin our look at the bottom half of the chart with a surprise but welcome return to ‘Downton Abbey‘. The film dropped down to the ninth place on the chart last week but has rallied once more and has risen three places back up the chart. The film is obviously profiting from the current lockdown situation and possibly by writer Julian Fellows’ TV drama ‘Belgravia’ that is currently playing on ITV at Nine O’clock on Sunday evenings. Either way, the film has held onto a top ten place since January and looks to be one of the best selling English film titles of all time.


Hitting the boosters once again and rising four places back into the top ten, we welcome back Sir Elton John biopic ‘Rocketman‘ once more as it lands in the seventh position. Taron Egerton’s disgustingly ignored Oscar-worthy portrayal of the legendary musical star once again shows that the actor has a long and distinguished career ahead of him.


His laughter has been choked off once again and the jokes are starting to fall flat as ‘Joker‘ falls two places to end the week at number eight. However, the film has been a great success and it can’t be too downhearted as it starts to slip away.

Movie Review | Joker

Our second and final new entry into the chart this week comes in the ninth position. And its amazing as the ‘Frozen/ Frozen II‘ boxset makes its way into the chart. ‘Frozen II‘ occupies both the ninth position AND the top of the chart but here, it is joined by the original movie in a double punch. I honestly didn’t realise that there were fans of the first film that hadn’t owned it up until now. Or it could be the completionists out there that have decided to buy the double set. Either way, the films have made their way into a top ten position.

Top Five Greatest Movie Love Stories

Rounding out the top ten this week and re-entering the chart by climbing a massive twenty-two places from last week’s number thirty-two, we once again say hello to those lovable ‘Trolls‘. This could possibly be a result of the second film ‘Trolls: World Tour‘ being a victim of the cinema closures and is instead making its bow on the £15.99 per rental market instead. It seems the country wants to check out the first film before paying out for the second.


Hitting all download stores from April 13th, we find the film ‘Blue Story‘. Written, directed and narrated by Rapman (Andrew Onwubolu), the film is a tragic tale of two best friends, Tommy and Marco who hail from two different areas of London (Deptford and Peckham). The film is Rapman’s feature film debut as a director and the film is based on his 2014 Youtube series that shares the same name and is a semi-biographical look at Rapman’s own experiences he faced while growing up. The film is a gritty look at gang life in South London and one that is deserving of a watch. The film strangely managed to get itself withdrawn from several cinema chains after a shooting outside one which in actual fact, had NOTHING to do with the film. It was judged guilty by association and suffered a backlash it didn’t deserve. Thankfully, the cinema chains saw the light and the error of their decision and re-instated the film’s showings after a few weeks.

Blue Story

So, what do you think will be in the shakeup for next week? Will ‘Frozen II‘ continue to chill out and ice all its opposition to remain the U.K’s chart-topper? Will ‘Jumanji: The Next Level‘ move up a level and take over at the top? Will ‘Knives Out‘ cut a path through them both and take control over the rest of the chart? Will ‘Bloodshot‘ manage to shoot and battle his way into contention? Or will those pesky ‘Trolls‘ manage to take their World Tour all the way to the top of the tree?

Whatever you decide, whatever you buy, stay safe, look after each other and happy viewing!


Anyone wishing to buy any of the titles featured in the chart can do so via FindAnyFilm.com


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