October 3, 2022
The Batman Delayed? - Warner Bros. Shakes Up the DCU Release Schedule

Holy COVID-19 Batman! Coronavirus Defeats The DC Multiverse

Coming off the back of the shutdown of every Hollywood movie production, the word is now hitting the wires that next summers reboot of the Dark Knight, ‘The Batman‘ has had to shift its release date back by almost four months. The Matt Reeves directed, Robert Pattinson starring superhero outing has now vacated its announced June 25th, 2021 opening and will now open at theatres on October 1st, 2021 instead. The reason for the delay is due to the coronavirus and its grip over the world. The current shutdown means that the film wouldn’t make its announced release and has had to move to accommodate the remainder of the shoot, post-production and so on.

The Batman - Robert Pattinson Test Footage Batsuit Revealed

In other DCU news, it has been announced that ‘The Flash‘ will be speeding into cinemas on June 3rd, 2022, with or without Ezra Miller in the title role (the smart money and current consensus is Miller is out of the DCU after his recent trouble) while ‘Shazam 2‘ will make its bow on November 4th, 2022 with Zachary Levi once again playing the comic superhero in the sequel to the highly enjoyable original film.

Shazam! | Just Say The Word!

The Batman‘ was shooting in London before the production was shut down, just before it was due to move to out of the capital and only around a quarter of the film had been shot before the coronavirus stopped everything in its tracks. Although Reeves has been reported to have been going through the footage he had filmed before the shutdown during the hiatus, there is still so much more that needs to be completed.

The Flash Justice League

The release pushback should ensure the film gets the time it needs to complete filming and be the best it can be. Normally, it could be argued that pushing a superhero film out of the summer running and into an October opening would destroy its chances at the box office. But It didn’t hurt ‘Joker’ last year or ‘Venom‘ the year before so despite the delay, Warner Bros. can still breathe easy as the film will almost certainly still rake in the big bucks.

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