January 31, 2023

The Force is fading as The Rise Of Skywalker drops to third, Pixar power finds Onward debut in second, but nothing can stop Sam Mendes’ 1917 from dominating the UK Top 10 Movies Chart.

See you at the party, Richter! If only we could instead of having our own private watch parties at home. However, welcome once again to the official top ten countdown of what has been flying from online retailers warehouses and has been downloaded from the various streaming sites over the past seven days. This week sees the arrival of two new entries into our chart and both take the top two places. As such, we bid goodbye to ‘Knives Out‘ which now is detecting outside the top ten and once again to ‘Rocketman‘ as the Sir Elton John biopic sacrifices its top ten placing. Let’s all gather around the TV and see what we have been watching this week.


Coming straight in at the top of the chart based on downloads alone, we welcome our brand new number one as Sam Mendes’ ‘1917‘ enters the chart. The Oscar-winning World War I drama is based on a story that Mendes’ grandfather shared with him and was filmed and edited to appear that the film is just two continuous takes throughout proceedings. Starring relative newcomers Dean-Charles Chapman and George Mackay, the film is a tense, moving and at times, upsetting view of what the British forces went through during the conflict. A worthy film and deserving of the accolades it received, the film loses part of its raw power on home entertainment as it really deserves to be seen on the biggest screen imaginable but is still something that deserves and needs to be seen by as many people as possible.


Our second new entry takes the silver medal this week as Disney’s animated fare ‘Onward‘ makes its chart debut in the second placed position. Starring the vocal talents of Tom Holland and Chris Pratt as elven brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot, the charming tale tells the story of the pair as they embark on an epic adventure to reunite with their dearly departed father for a single day. The film is an enjoyable enough tale for the whole family but a word of warning, you will need (a lot of) tissues as the film enters its climax. It is another tearjerker from the House Of Mouse but one that young children will lap up and enjoy.


Losing its balance of the force and falling two places to end the week in the third position, we find last week’s number one film as ‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker‘, as predicted, tumbles down the chart. However, It hasn’t fallen as much as I suspected it would after it made its debut on Disney+ and Sky Movies Premiere which shows that the public and obviously the fans, want the film physically in their collection, whether for prosperity or to complete their collection of the entire saga. Either way, the film continues to sell and download well as it was always going to do.

Kylo Ren Meets Emperor Palpatine - Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker

Dropping two places as it hops down the chart to the fourth placed position, we find the charming, hilariously funny and downright enjoyable ‘Jojo Rabbit‘. The Taika Waititi award winner deserves to be seen as it may not be suitable for the whole family but is one of those films that come out of nowhere and surprises everyone who sees it. And it does contain one of the greatest putdown lines in recent history. I won’t reveal what it is but you will know it when you hear it!

JoJo Rabbit - Hitler

Her wings have been clipped this week as she and her friends swoop down two places to end the week in the fifth place but ‘Birds Of Prey: And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn‘ continues to enjoy success on the home front and is secure in the knowledge that she won’t be making her physical bow on disc until June, thereby giving her another chance of success when she emerges once again.

Birds of Prey High-Res Images Unveiled by Warner Bros.

We start our look at the bottom five places in the chart as our old friends Elsa and Olaf actually move up a place to reside in the sixth placed position as ‘Frozen II‘ gets another blast of ice cold wind to blow it up the chart again. The film has sold and downloaded extremely well and looks like it won’t be going anywhere just yet.

Frozen 2 Review

Having to restart from scratch as it loses another two levels this week sees ‘Jumanji: The Next Level‘ slip down the chart for a seventh placed finish. However, the Dwayne Johnson starring film has made a large pile of cash both cinematically and on home entertainment and still holds on to a top ten chart position.


The Cockney Geezers act seems to have worn thin very quickly as Guy Ritchie’s ‘The Gentleman‘ takes a large hit in the Jacobs Crackers which sees it fall four places to end the week in eighth. Despite starring Matthew Mcconnaghy and Hugh Grant, the film hasn’t lived up to the success that ‘Lock, Stock…’ started.

The Gentlemen

Their gadgets have failed to deliver this week, meaning ‘Spies In Disguise‘ and their animated antics fall three places to land in ninth. With the voices of Will Smith and Tom Holland, the film is extremely entertaining for the little ones but, in a chart full to the brim of family entertainment, sees itself heading rapidly for the exit door.


His legs have severe fatigue, are suffering cramp and his speed is almost diminished as ‘Sonic The Hedgehog‘ rounds out the top ten chart this week by falling two places to prop up the other nine titles. The film has seen great success but is looking more than likely in joining ‘Spies In Disguise’ in dropping through the chart exit door next week unless he gets a large shot of adrenaline that keeps him running in the chart race.


Coming to Download And Keep from Monday 18th May, the whole family can gather around the TV as Harrison Ford brings his version of the classic tale ‘The Call Of The Wild‘ out. The film didn’t make much of an impact when it hit cinema screens back in February and the critics didn’t seem that bothered by this new interpretation of Jack London’s classic 1903 novel. They praised Ford’s performance as main character John Thornton but were critical of the reliance on CGI for the animals involved, especially in the case of the main creature of Buck the dog. Still, the film is a nice timewaster that the whole family can again enjoy together, the CGI antics of Buck will enthrall young children but alas, once again, I advise you keep the tissues handy for the climax to the film.

Call Of The Wild - Harrison Ford

So, what do you, the readers think will make the grade next week? Will ‘1917‘ battle its way into remaining the UK’s official number one title? Will the Elven brothers work their magic and march ‘Onward‘ to take the crown? Will the force return and lift ‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker‘ back up into a winning position? Or will ‘Jojo Rabbit‘ manage to hop itself up to the top of the tree?

Whatever you decide, whatever you buy, stay safe, look after each other and happy viewing!

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