Halloween Kills To Get A Tie-In Novelization

Co-producer Ryan Turek confirms there will be a novelization tie-in for Halloween Kills

Oh, happy day!

Back in 2018, author John Passarella wrote the tie-in novel for the Universal/ Blumhouse reboot of the franchise with the novelization of ‘Halloween‘. Now, frequent readers of The Future Of The Force will know that I am a huge ‘Halloween‘ fan and that I grabbed a copy of Passarella’s novel (ok, I admit it, I bought TWO! One for reading, the other for my collection) and devoured it within hours. And then I read it again the same day and then wrote a review of it. And in my review, I praised John Passarella for his writing and his attention to detail alongside praise for bringing Michael Myers‘ inner thoughts to the reader for the first time.

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Now, I have discovered that this year’s sequel to the 2018 reboot, entitled ‘Halloween Kills‘ is getting the novelization treatment. Co-Producer Ryan Turek confirmed the news on Twitter in a reply to another fan praising Passarella’s 2018 novel, teasing all of us fans with:

“I just read a draft of the novelization for Halloween Kills”

And with those few short words, all my Christmas’ have come at once. There is sadly no word as yet as to who has written the novel but in my heart of hearts, I honestly hope that John Passarella has been brought back to once again document the next chapter in the Laurie Strode/Michael Myers story that has been playing out since the original movie in 1978.


Halloween Kills‘ remains locked into an October 16th release this year and so I’d expect the novel to drop somewhere around then. I, of course, will be grabbing two copies of the novel once more and will offer my thoughts and reviews on it as soon as I have completed reading and digesting what the novel contains.


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