Labyrinth Sequel

After 34 years – Scott Derrickson will oversee our long-overdue return to the magical world of Labyrinth

It’s only taken 34 years to get moving but today sees the announcement of a sequel to the beloved 1986 fantasy family film ‘Labyrinth‘. And in a stunning move, Scott Derrickson, who recently passed on directing duties on upcoming Marvel sequel ‘Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness‘ due to the always quoted ‘Creative Differences’ has been recruited to direct the new sequel to the Jim Henson original. Also being recruited for the new movie is screenwriter Maggie Levin who has provided the writing and directing for ‘Into The Dark‘ and ‘My Valentine‘ as the writer for the film.

Labyrinth - David Bowie

The original is a family favorite and entertains all ages across the board. Starring Jennifer Connelly and the legendary David Bowie, the film has enjoyed a cult following and success ever since it made its bow back in 1986. Although the film is now getting a belated sequel, it hasn’t stopped the inevitable tie-ins such as video games, comic books, branching novels and of course, the occasional screenings and Masquerade Ball which has quite a large following and has to be thought of as one of the world’s largest, over the years in between movies.


Tristar Pictures is bringing this new vision to the screen, Lisa Henson is on producing duties while Brian Henson has taken on an executive producing role for the film. There is no word yet on any cast or the inevitable question of whether Jennifer Connelly will be willing to return to make an appearance in the sequel, whether it be once again the starring role or a supporting one or a cameo appearance. It wouldn’t be right if MS Connelly didn’t appear in some capacity, even if it is a brief blink and you’ll miss it scene. It would be nice to see her pay tribute to the film that gave her that all-important big break by showing up. Sadly, of course, we are denied seeing David Bowie reprise his role but hopefully, they will find a way to let him appear somehow during proceedings, even if it is via repackaged footage from the original film or if some technical wizard manages to make him feature.

Labyrinth Sequel

Labyrinth 2 or whatever it ends up being called will be released sometime in the future.


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