New Godzilla vs Kong Concept Art Revealed

Get your first look at “Adult King Kong” with a beard and the new Kaiju monster Titanus

With everything that is going on in the world at the moment, things have been extremely quiet on the ‘Godzilla Vs Kong‘ news front. There has been a distinct lack of information about the upcoming Monster Smackdown which, although understandable, hasn’t given the movie the buildup it requires ahead of its still proposed November release date. All that has changed slightly today with the reveal of some promo art for the film that features an ‘Adult’ Kong alongside a new Kaiju monster that is named Titanus. Let’s take a look at the art:

Now, I’m not preempting the fanbase here at all. Everyone will have their own opinion on Kong’s new look but I for one, am not that impressed with how they have changed the character. Of course, his last solo outing ‘Kong: Skull Island‘ had the character back in the 1970s and so it’s natural for him to age. But the fanbase and those who love Kong as much as I and my brother do will be shocked at how he looks in the new film. Changing him slightly is one thing but having him with a beard is going a little bit too far in my opinion. Having him with grey fur is fine but a beard? Come on, that’s not going to impress or enthrall the fans of the character to the new film. And mark my words when I say Warner Bros. NEEDS the film to be a massive success. After the poor showing of last summers ‘Godzilla: King Of The Monsters‘, they really need to go some to get the audience interested in the mammoth fight between the two titans. And of course, eyes are on the new film after the decimation of the summer season this year by Covid-19 as it should be a heavy hitter.

KING KONG | King of the Monsters

Titanus, on the other hand, looks like it could be a match for both of our creatures, let alone just one of them. It looks like the stuff of nightmares and will be an awesome foe for both titans when it decides to commence battle with them. The use of King Ghidorah in the previous film was inspired and proved a brilliant opponent to Godzilla. After the end credits reveal, it would be terrific if King Ghidorah makes an unexpected appearance in the new film, battling alongside Titanus. The same goes for Rodan, who survived the skirmish. If the three of them turn up in the film to take on Godzilla and Kong, it could be the movie we have been dreaming of, especially as MechaGodzilla is rumored to be appearing in the film too.

Review | Godzilla: King of the Monsters

On a related note sadly, there is a rumor going around that the film may be pushed back until May of 2021. Whereas I can see the logic in this and I do think the film is more suited to a summer release, the summer season of 2021 is already bursting with content that has been delayed from this year already and I fear that ‘Godzilla Vs Kong‘, should it be pushed back once again, will be lost in the clamor for those all-important box office dollars. I hope that the film keeps its November opening date as I, like many fans of the franchise and both monster characters, have been eagerly awaiting the release of the film. Alas, it could be that we will have to wait a while longer to see the battle between two of cinemas titans on the big screen.

Godzilla Vs Kong is still scheduled (at this moment) to be released in November.


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