February 2, 2023
Henry Cavill To Return As Superman

Cavill expected to feature as the “Nick Fury” of the DCEU. Man Of Steel 2 is not currently in development

At last, some common sense has prevailed.

After reports and rumors seemingly ending his time as the man of steel, it is being reported that Warner Bros. is currently in talks with actor Henry Cavill to remain as their cinematic Superman. The actor has played the character in three of the DC universes movies to date ‘Man Of Steel‘, ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice‘ and ‘Justice League‘. It was thought that Cavill had been moved aside so DC could re-imagine and reboot their stable of movies. This was weird considering they decided to retain the services of Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, and Zachary Levi as the characters of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam respectively.

Superman - Henry Cavill

The plan is to have Cavill play the character in any upcoming DC universe films such as the third ‘Wonder Woman‘ movie, ‘Aquaman 2‘, and ‘Shazam 2‘ and NOT to make ‘Man Of Steel 2‘ which is not currently or planned to be in development. The news is bound to be welcomed by many fans of the DC characters and their cinematic incarnations and will bring a sense of continuity to the run of films. Cavill’s tenure as the last son of Krypton hasn’t gone completely smoothly with many fans complaining about the killing of General Zod in ‘Man Of Steel‘ and the changing, however slightly, of the character and his traits. But to my mind, even though I’ve been highly critical of the films Cavill played Superman in, he is a great fit for the character for the audiences of today. Cavill plays the character well but has been let down by soulless and mediocre at best movies.

Henry Cavill - Superman

Wherever the character fits into the DC universe that Warner Bros. is working towards will be welcome. He obviously can’t make an appearance in the rebooted ‘Batman‘ movie that is due to be released next year as it would seriously undermine what has gone on previously. And of course, there won’t be a ‘Justice League 2‘ as Ben Affleck has stepped down from the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, Ray Fisher has stated he won’t play Cyborg again and we won’t even go there regarding Ezra Miller as The Flash for obvious reasons but Superman will fit back into the franchise with ease. It is welcome news that Henry Cavill will be returning again as the character and we can only hope that the screenplays and the movies do him and Kal-El justice this time around.


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