December 6, 2023
Universal Dark Army - Paul Feig

Paul Feig confirms that the script for his Universal Monster movie is finished – pending Studio approval!

Ever since it was announced almost a year ago that Universal Pictures had hired Paul Feig (Ghostbusters: Answer The Call) to write, produce and direct a monster movie called ‘Dark Army‘, things have gone completely quiet. That silence has now ended as Feig has revealed he has completed the script for the film. The premise of the film includes some of Universal’s classic monsters from their library, such as Dracula, The Wolfman, Frankenstein, The Creature From The Black Lagoon, and so on. Feig has completed two drafts of the script but is in the dark as to whether Universal will let him actually make the film.

Paul Feig Dark Army

In an interview, Feig spoke about the project:

“I’ve done two drafts and I love it, It’s one of my favorite scripts I’ve ever written. Universal, they’re not quite sure what they are doing right now. Because Invisible Man did really well on a very micro-budget, and my movie’s a little more expensive than that. So I’m hoping to God we get to make it because I just absolutely love it. I’m so thrilled with it”

Universal Monsters

Feig says the film isn’t or won’t be a horror film as such but he intends it to be a ‘true monster movie’ due to his love of the classic black and white films from the 1930s. He went on to praise the James Whale movies and proclaimed that ‘Bride Of Frankenstein‘ is still one of the greatest films of all time. Feig revealed he wants the film to be fun but real and serious at the same time while making sure the audience becomes invested and interested in the characters that will appear on-screen.

Universal Monsters - Frankenstein

While details on the proposed movie Feig is planning are thin on the ground, I for one would welcome seeing this hit movie screens. As long as Feig can get the balance right, make the film involving and interesting, and more importantly pay tribute to the classic characters and use them correctly, then the director could have a, ahem, Monster hit on his hands. It all now depends on how Universal wish to proceed and if Feig can make the film appeal to audiences. And if Feig can do the monsters justice and not make them silly or just throwaway characters then we could be in for a cinematic treat.


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