January 30, 2023
Ryan Gosling to be Universal's Wolfman

Can Ryan Gosling fill the shoes of Lon Chaney Jr for Universal’s Wolfman reboot?

Despite there being no plans at the moment for a continuation or sequel to Universal’s hit ‘The Invisible Man‘, it seems that their store of movie monsters is about to be unleashed once again. It is being reported that a new version of the classic horror movie ‘The Wolfman‘ is about to take off from the studio. Although there is no director signed up at the moment, it appears that Universal has secured Ryan Gosling to lead the film. And it seems that Gosling himself pitched the idea to Universal which led to his thoughts being translated into a screenplay from Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo. Schuker Blum is the wife of Blumhouse founder Jason Blum who worked his magic on ‘The Invisible Man‘ for Universal but as of yet, Blumhouse is not thought to be involved in ‘The Wolfman‘.

Ryan Gosling

The film is apparently going to be set in the present day and is said:

“believed to be set in present times and in the vein of Jake Gyllenhaal’s thriller ‘Nightcrawler’ with an obvious supernatural twist”

Also, it is said:

“Gosling would play an anchorman who gets infected. The script has been described as having a vibe that evokes ‘Network’ (1976) and ‘Nightcrawler’ (2014)”

The Wolfman

Now, while I relish the chance to see The Wolfman back on the big screen, it could possibly get lost in the pile of creature features Universal is currently in the process of greenlighting. Fare like Elizabeth Banks’ ‘The Invisible Woman‘, Paul Feig’s ‘Dark Army‘, ‘Renfield‘ from Dexter Fletcher, and a monster musical (Really?) from Matt Stawski named ‘Monster Mash‘. All these have to be included alongside Karyn Kusama’s take on ‘Dracula‘.

Universal Monsters

It seems Universal has a full slate of features starring its classic monsters. All I can hope for is they do the characters justice and not end up like the Tom Cruise version of ‘The Mummy‘ which was heralded as the start of Universal’s ‘Dark Universe‘ but ended up starting and ending it in one movie due to it being, well…terrible. The movie was a horror film alright. It was horrifying to anyone who watched it to see how bad the film actually was. If Blumhouse gets involved and they get it right, then we could be in for some epic monster fun over the next few years.


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