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Carl reports on the Playstation 5 live reveal and the awesome list of games headed our way

Anyone who watched last night’s reveal of the long-awaited Playstation 5 from Sony cannot help but be in awe of what we were witness to. And that isn’t solely reserved for the console itself. The new machine looks absolutely incredible, all futuristic and really well designed. The new controllers for the console look amazing too, all curves and sleekly designed. But its what the console and controllers now have added to their appeal which is what blew me away with it. Firstly, the controllers now feature Hepatic feedback which is a first. Also, they now boast adaptive triggers, motion sensor technology, and 3D audio built into the controller itself.


The usual USB port on the controller that will connect it to the console as well as charge the built-in battery is once again present as is the handy earphone/microphone port as before. To make things even better, the console comes in two varieties, One that will take the gaming discs, the other is a digital edition, meaning that there is no need for a gaming disc, the player downloads the games from the Playstation store directly to the console’s expansive memory. It looks as though the consoles will come out once again with different memory capacities but that has yet to be confirmed. But as the accessories include a wireless 3D headset, a dual charging station, and a 3D camera, it looks like everything a gamer could want in a gaming console has been catered for.

PS5 Standard and Digital Comparison

The console is one thing. The games that will accompany it are a totally different beast altogether. It has been said many times before that gaming graphics are becoming so advanced and realistic, that it is becoming harder to tell the difference. The footage that we have been shown for the games for the console brings that argument even closer to becoming a reality. Some of the games we saw during the preview have been designed to look exactly what they are, games. Some have been designed to look like a CGI animated movie, something they seem to have pulled off brilliantly. But some are so lifelike, so real-seeming, that I had trouble at times distinguishing between game and reality. Take the announced ‘Gran Turismo 7‘ as an example. The shots we were shown from the cockpit of the car looked like we are ACTUALLY in the car itself and driving for real. The way the graphics represent a simulation of the real experience is incredible. It genuinely looked like we were in the cockpit of the car. It was an amazing experience and one that I have to attempt for myself when the console and game hit the stores.


Demon’s Soul‘ is another game that is hard to distinguish from game to reality. The colors and the graphics the game contains are beautiful to look at and are so vivid, it seems we are actually there in person. The same goes for ‘Horizon: Forbidden West‘. These two games have brought things a little too close to reality, the graphics and the movement and the real feel of what we see are beyond comparison. Of course, gaming designers don’t always make their products to be lifelike. Take the ‘Sackboy: A Big Adventure‘ for example. Yes, the lovable character is back in a new game and it was hilarious and enjoyable to see him once again running and hurtling across the screen. Abe is back in ‘Oddworld: Soul Storm‘. I haven’t played an ‘Oddworld‘ game since the days of the PS1! It will be enjoyable and great for me to sit down and play as Abe once again. Another game that seems to be fun to play is Stray‘ which is a robotic type game that features a cat as the main character! Hours of fun to be had there for the kids (and the big kids too).

Horizon Forbidden West PS5

There are two games though which, despite the fun looking games or the real looking titles I mentioned earlier, are the ones I MUST own as soon as possible. The first is ‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales‘. This incarnation of our friendly neighborhood web-crawler looks like an incredibly enjoyable and intense game to play. It is similar in design and looks to the film ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse‘ and the gameplay suits the Morales version of Spidey into the ground. The design of the suit, the swinging into action, and the entire look of the game make it an essential purchase for the console.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5

The second is the one I MOST want to get my hands on. It looks like it could be exactly what I’m hoping it could be, the perfect game to hide away from the world with and play into the ground. A game that I need to play in the dark, just to get the right kind of atmosphere. I’m speaking of ‘Resident Evil: Village‘. As soon as I saw the game, as soon as I saw the graphics and gameplay and before the title even came up, I knew that this was the game I need to play as soon as possible. I love the Resident Evil series of games. I think I own every version of the games that have ever been released. My favorite of them all still is Resident Evil 2 from the old PS1. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve actually played it but it must be close to a thousand at least. I rushed out and bought the PS4 remake of it as soon as it hit the stores and I love it too. But this new incarnation seems to be the kind of game that will scare the life out the player, even more so with the 3D sound built into the new controller. And if used with the wireless 3D headset, it could be something that will make the player scream in fright on occasion. Brilliant stuff.

Resident Evil Village PS5

We still await a price for the new console as it still hasn’t been announced. The exact release date for this new gaming machine still eludes us too. But with what we have seen and experienced so far, it looks like we will be falling over each other and fighting to get our hands on the PS5. But please be advised, you will have to be behind me in the queue as I will be right at the front as it MUST be mine!

PS5 Accessories

I have listed below the games we saw previews of last night. Some are due to release this year alongside the console, some are destined for next year and at least one won’t see the light of day until 2022. However, there won’t be a lack of top quality gaming once the console hits the stores. Here is the list:

Grand Theft Auto V Remake, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Gran Turismo 7, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Project Athea, Stray, Returnal, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Destruction Allstars, Kona: Bridge Of Spirits, Goodbye Volcano High, Oddworld: Soul Storm, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Jett: The Far Shore, Godfall, Solar Ash, Hitman III, Astros Playroom, Little Devil Inside, NBA 2K21, Bugsnax, Demon’s Soul, Deathloop, Resident Evil: Village, Pragmata, Horizon: Forbidden West.

The smart money is on the console dropping towards the end of the year, possibly November/December in time for Christmas. To me, it can’t drop soon enough.

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