December 6, 2022

The BAFTAS suffer the curse of the Coronavirus

Following on from the Oscars moving from its usual ceremony in February to a new date in April, The UK equivalent, The Baftas has also decided to move its ceremony back two months and will now also happen in April, two weeks before the Academy Awards. The jewel in the British Film awards will take place on April 11th whereas the Oscars will follow on April 25th, 2021. In a statement that came out late on Monday evening, a BAFTA Spokesperson said:

“This change from the previously announced date of February 14 acknowledges the impact of the global pandemic and accommodates an extended eligibility period. Further details on the ceremony will be announced later in the year”

Sam Mendes Wins Best Director at the BAFTAS

In an act that mirrors the AMPAS decision, Bafta has also announced that it has been in consultation about allowing films that have been released digitally only and have bypassed the cinema completely to be eligible for the 2021 awards. Also, both AMPAS and Bafta have joined forces with the BFI to create new standards for the awards season that increases nominations for diversity and people of color that have been sorely lacking for quite some time in the industry.

I welcome the news that Bafta will be following suit alongside the Oscars in delaying their ceremony. But I welcome, even more, the new set of standards that are being put into place. They are long overdue and can only drag the awards up onto a more even keel and into the 21st century.

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