December 10, 2022
Treat Dad This Father's Day With These Movies!

Join Carl for his rundown of the best home entertainment to treat Dad with on Father’s Day

This Sunday in the UK is Father’s Day. The one day of the year where we honor and thank our Dad’s for everything they have done and continue to do for us. This year, instead of gifting him a pair of socks or new underpants, why not treat him to one of these great movies on DVD or Blu-Ray. They just might make Dad’s day and will give you an excuse to sit with him as he watches the gift you have given him. These are gift ideas that I suggest but there are, of course, many other options out there for you to consider.

Father's Day

If he is interested in award-winning films, why not try these:

Joker: The story of Batman’s greatest enemy and his creation is a dark and disturbing tale of one man’s descent into madness and murder. Boasting an Oscar-winning performance by Joaquin Phoenix, the film is a slow-burning and often violent tale which is possibly one of the best films made in the past ten years. Gripping from start to finish, this could make Dad’s day. Find Ways To Watch


Parasite: The big winner at this year’s Academy Awards, this black comedy is perfect for those fathers out there that enjoy watching films that are not in the English language. Following the exploits of the Kim family and their dastardly deeds when the eldest child takes on a well-paying tutoring job, the film has put the cinema of Soth Korea firmly on the map and has been named as one of the best films of 2019. Find Ways To Watch

Parasite dvd

Le Mans ’66: For all those dads out there that adore motorsport and are old enough to remember the rivalry between Ford and Ferarri back in the 1960s or just those who enjoy a really good drama, this is the perfect gift. With excellent performances from Christian Bale and Matt Damon, this will make dad’s day complete. Find Ways To Watch

Le Mans '66 dvd

If he enjoys a good wartime epic, then these will make his day:

1917: One of the finest World War I films ever made, this incredible masterpiece from director Sam Mendes will have him hooked from the first frame to the last. Made to look like it was made in just two continuous shots, the film will wring every emotion it can from dad and will have him reaching for it regularly. Find Ways To Watch

1917 DVD cover

Midway: The story of the Battle Of Midway, this film will make any Sunday afternoon or any afternoon a nice one for him. With incredible special effects and stirring the emotions all the way through, this film from the tail end of last year will thrill dad and have him cheer along the way. Find Ways To Watch

MIdway DVD Cover

A Soldier’s Courage: This highly emotional and gripping World War I film is one that dad will enjoy. Although not as well known as 1917, the film is still a dramatic and moving account of a war veteran looking to discover what happened to his fellow soldiers during the carnage of the first world war. This one will need a box of tissues by the side of the chair. Find Ways To Watch

A Soldier's Courage DVD Cover

The Trench: A tale of a group of young soldiers and their last days before the Battle Of The Somme in 1916, this little known gem has a terrific cast which includes Daniel Craig, Cillian Murphy, and Danny Dyer amongst others. Yet another film that dad will enjoy in the afternoons. Find Ways To Watch

The Trench DVD

For the action fan dads out there:

Bad Boys For Life: Dad will get a kick out of the third film in the Bad Boys franchise and will be thrilled by the action contained within. The best of the series so far, once again Will Smith and Martin Lawrence lock and load, this time to take down the head of the vicious Aretas Cartel. Action, violence, and fun to be had at every turn. Find Ways To Watch

Bad Boys For Life DVD Cover

Fast & Furious: Hobbs And Shaw: The first spin-off from the Fast & Furious franchise (with a sequel in development), this entertaining and amusing film stars Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham as the titular ‘heroes’. With able support from Idris Elba and Vanessa Kirby and a cameo from Dame Helen Mirren, the film contains a few surprises and plenty of laughs and adrenaline for the action dads out there. Find Ways To Watch

Hobbs and Shaw DVD

Gemini Man: Two Will Smith’s for the price of one, this nifty little action-thriller will keep dad hooked from start to finish. Following elite assassin Henry Brogan, the film tells of his predicament when he is targetted for assassination by a shadowy figure who seems to be able to predict his every move and knows all of Henry’s traits and abilities. A good old fashioned action film from start to finish. Find Ways To Watch

Gemini Man DVD Cover

Rambo: Last Blood: The seemingly final go around for the Vietnam veteran, this fifth film in the franchise will have dad smiling and, depending on his age, will take him back to the heyday of the 1980s action films. Once again starring Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo, this film sees a departure from the rest of the series, seeing Rambo trying to settle down and forget his past and finally find the peace he has craved. However, when trouble comes calling once more, the one-man army is more than ready to leap back into action. Bloody, violent, and highly enjoyable. Find Ways To Watch

Rambo Last Blood DVD

For those dads that enjoy everything:

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker: The final ‘Episode’ film in the 43-year-old saga, will take dad back to his youth and bring back memories of seeing a Star Wars film for the very first time. Fantastic special effects, a good storyline, fist-pumping action, and a great sense of nostalgia, dad will be taken back to his younger days in great style. Find Ways To Watch

Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker DVD

Jumanji: The Next Level: The second film in the rebooted franchise, this will thrill any father with its slick special effects, enjoyable action pieces, and a good deal of comedy. Once again starring Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan, the film is an entertaining and amusing way for dad to spend the afternoon and if he has grandkids, it will make a great way for he and they to spend some time together. Find Ways To Watch

Jumanji The Next Level DVD

Just Mercy: For those dads who enjoy a true-life courtroom drama, this will be right up his alley. The true story of young lawyer Bryan Stevenson and his desperate battle for justice in defending a wrongly convicted man who has been sentenced to death despite evidence proving his innocence, this gripping film will keep dad guessing as to what the outcome will be. Along the way, the film will wring the emotions completely. Find Ways To Watch

Just Mercy DVD

Terminator: Dark Fate: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s final Terminator film will bring back great memories for dad and will entertain him all the way through. The film is the Terminator 3 we deserved many years ago and as such, follows on from the end of the second film, dismissing and forgetting the other three entries in the series that came after it. The film brings the series back to its roots and fits in perfectly with the first two films in the franchise. With the return of original star Linda Hamilton as Sarah Conner and creator James Cameron on producing duties, the film is a great way to keep dad entertained. Find Ways To Watch

Terminator Dak Fate DVD

The Gentlemen: If dad likes a good old fashioned London gangster film, then this is right up his street. Directed by Guy Ritchie, who has single-handily reinvented the cockney gangster film, this will make Dad’s day. With the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, and Hugh Grant involved, the film is a violent, sweary but enjoyable romp through London and its underbelly. Find Ways To Watch

The Gentlemen DVD

Running With The Devil: A little known but enjoyable straight to video release starring Nicolas Cage and Laurence Fishburne, this film tells the story of Cook (Cage) and The Man (Fishburne) on a dangerous journey to audit the supply chain of Cartel leader The Boss (Barry Pepper) after a shipment of cocaine is compromised. Gripping and thrilling from the off. Find Ways To Watch

Running With The Devil DVD

Color Out Of Space: Nicolas Cage once more in a nightmarish film from the mind of H.P Lovecraft depicting the Gardner family as their newly found contentment in retreating to rural life is shattered when a meteorite crashes into their front yard. One of Cage’s best films in years alongside ‘Mandy’. If dad is in the mood for a complete head-scratcher of a film and one that shows the nightmare side of rural living, then this is for him. Find Ways To Watch

Color Out Of Space DVD

Arrow: Season 8: If dad is a fan of the show, why not treat him to the boxset of the complete eighth season of the comic-book-inspired television series? Many hours of great storytelling and drama lie instore inside the boxset. Find Ways To Watch

Arrow Season 8 DVD

How about some live music? WARNING-May lead to bad dad singing!

The Rolling Stones: Bridges To Buenos Aires: The full-length show from the legendary British band as they take to the stage during their five-night residency at Argentina’s River Plate Stadium from April 1998, this archive concert film has been completely restored in full and even features a very special guest appearance from the legendary Bob Dylan. If dad is a ‘Stones’ fan, then this will have him singing at the top of his voice and will give him hours of joy. Find Ways To Watch

The Rolling Stones Bridges To Buenos Aires

The Cure: 40 Live: The incredible 29-song, 135-minute anniversary concert from July 2018 is here for dad to enjoy in full. Played in front of 65,000 fans in London’s royal parks, the band belted out a four-decade deep-set featuring classics such as ‘Just Like Heaven’, ‘The End Of The World’, High’ and ‘Lovesong’. Complementing the band and adding to the experience, screens behind the group displayed footage from over the years of the band and their fantastic performances. This brilliant concert from the pioneers of alternative rock makes the perfect gift. Find Ways To Watch

The Cure 40 Live

All these titles are available to buy from many high street stores or the online retailer of your choice if you decide one of them would make the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Any single one of them would make dad smile and will bring him hours of entertainment and joy. So, why not check one out?

And Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!


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