Batman Returns. AGAIN!

Keaton To Return As Batman In The Flash Movie?

Okay, we NEVER saw this coming! Although it is unconfirmed at the moment, there is a spicy and delicious rumor coming from the esteemed halls of Tinseltown, one that will blow away every comic book movie fan there is. It is being rumored that Michael Keaton is in talks to once again step into the bat-suit and play Batman in the upcoming ‘The Flash‘ movie that is still residing on the Warner Bros production slate. And what sounds even better is that it is apparently not a one-off but an ongoing deal for the actor.

Michael Keaton - Batman

The film is still slated to be made with Ezra Miller still attached to play the title character with Andy Muschetti handling the directorial reigns. The film is apparently being planned as the big-screen introduction of the famous DC  ‘Multiverse’ and as such, Keaton could easily make his return as the caped crusader, a role that he last played onscreen back in 1992s ‘Batman Returns‘. It also leads to a situation where there can be two Jokers in the timelines. Although it is highly unlikely that Jack Nicholson will return as the clown prince of crime, it could lead to an epic crossover movie event, not unlike Marvels ‘Avengers‘ films.

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While nothing has been confirmed yet and this remains only a rumor (one that I hope to be true) and needs taking with a large dose of salt at the moment, it can only lead to genuine excitement within the DC fan community and the hope that we will see arguably the best big-screen incarnation of the Dark Knight there has been. We will, of course, keep an eye on any developments regarding this story and will bring you any news, whether good or bad, as soon as we hear of it.


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