December 10, 2022
TENET New Trailer

Tenet bumped to August 12. Will any of the big movies actually make it to our screens this year?

In what has to be the most unsurprising news that has hit the wires this week, it has been confirmed that the Warner Bros. produced, Christopher Nolan directed ‘Tenet‘, which at one point completely refused to shift its release date, has moved back once more, this time by a further two weeks to August 12. This decision has been made due to the spike once again in the United States of cases of COVID-19. The re-release of another Nolan movie, ‘Inception‘ has also moved back, in an ironic move to fill the date ‘Tenet‘ had occupied of July 31st.

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After the move again of the new Nolan epic, which is highly anticipated, it HAS to be safe to assume that Disney will postpone the release of its live-action remake of ‘Mulan‘. The film was originally due to open in March until the coronavirus outbreak shut down the theatres and the industry in general. Disney cannot afford to allow ‘Mulan‘ to go straight to streaming on its Disney+ service as there are too many dollars invested in the film. Also, the film looks like it will be a huge box office draw in China and Disney will most likely delay the film’s release until it is safe to open it in the Asian market.


It could be that we are facing a situation where the big hitters of this year won’t open at all. New York’s movie theatres appear to be extremely unlikely to be re-opening anytime soon and Los Angeles hasn’t yet been allowed the green light to re-open their theatres as the spike in cases of infection are on the rise once more across the United States. It is reasonable to assume that the big-name movies we are currently waiting for release upon the re-opening of theatres around the world will now not see the inside of theatres until next year at the earliest. Smaller fare MAY open instead alongside re-releases of films from before the lockdown started, some classic films that have been confirmed to be hitting the screens again, and of course, possibly some of the films that will make the awards season shortlists next year but it isn’t a given. It may be a situation where we won’t be allowed inside the movie theatres for the rest of the year. At this stage, nothing would surprise me.


We will keep an eye on any further developments or any news on any further postponements and will bring you the news as soon as it breaks.


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