February 7, 2023
The UK Top 10 - The Invisible Man

This week – The animal magic begins to fade as Dolittle slips down to #2 leaving The Invisible Man to creep silently into the #1 spot on the UK Top 10 Movies Chart.

“You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?”. I would sincerely hope not as that is the best way to watch a movie, either at the cinema or on home entertainment. And as such, welcome once more to a nice warm home and a rundown of what’s hot and what’s not in the world of at-home movies. Although a handful of cinemas have decided to reopen their doors this past weekend and admit a paying public, the majority of them have decided to keep their doors closed until July 31st at the earliest. The ones that have opened again are showing classic films from the past thirty years alongside some of the films that were screening when lockdown hit us. ‘The Empire Strikes Back‘, Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman‘ trilogy, ‘Blade Runner‘ and ‘Goodfellas‘ are some of the films that are now showing. But you will appreciate that no new releases are hitting the multiplexes just yet. That is mainly due to the spike in Covid-19 cases across the pond in the United States and the decision to keep their cinemas firmly closed, thereby forcing studios to delay releasing their films. All this has a knock-on effect in the UK and will see some of the bigger films not opening until later this year, if at all. That will mean a vacuum for the home entertainment market come Christmas time as there will almost certainly not be an influx of the summer blockbusters being released to buy and own or gift as presents. That’s unless the studios seriously shorten the release window between cinema release and home availability.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Disney Plus Poster

As for the top ten this week, we welcome in two new entries into the chart but they enter the bottom two places and do not bother the top positions. And with these new arrivals, we must say goodbye to two titles again. And this week sees ‘Emma‘ get her (un)happy ending and leave us and its Game Over for ‘Jumanji: The Next Level‘ as it finally departs the top ten placings after months of being a resident within. And we have the now obligatory new number one movie. But what could it be? Time to suit up and find out.


Sneaking in unseen and rising six places as it reaches the summit is the Universal remake of ‘The Invisible Man‘. The box office hit starring Elizabeth Moss has hidden itself well as it passed the rest of the chart unnoticed. A modern-day retelling of the classic tale, the film is one of those that deserve to be seen and enjoyed. It is chilling, frightening, and top-notch entertainment. It most certainly isn’t for the children, the squeamish, or for those of a nervous disposition but will have you hooked from the start until the end credits finally roll. And the film has taken some of the characters and concepts from H.G Wells’ novel and used them to brilliant effect. It is a film that I highly recommend getting and watching in the dark, thereby getting the perfect effect and a great night’s entertainment in the comfort of your own home.

The Invisible Man 003

Although the animals are still talking to him and his exploits are still entertaining families across the country, it can’t prevent Robert Downey Jr and ‘Dolittle‘ from slipping a place from last week’s number one to this week become the second highest-selling film to view in the home. As I have said before, the film has finally found its niche on download and the disc format instead of bringing in the audience at the cinema. From what looked to be a massive failure and a dent in Downey Jr’s career post-Avengers, it has turned the tide to become an undeniable success. I still haven’t seen the film so I cannot say if the film is deserving of the winning run it is currently enjoying but from what I hear and understand, the critical mauling was unjustified.

Robert Downey JR in Dolittle - Ocean Cruise

After celebrating her 30th birthday the other day, Margot Robbie has another reason to break out the champagne as ‘Birds Of Prey: And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn‘ holds firm at this week’s third place. The DC comic book film has certainly made its money in cinema revenue and on home entertainment and continues to make adult audiences laugh at the antics of the character. I admit once more that own three copies of the film, one on digital and the others on the various disc formats as it is probably my favorite film of the year. There is something about it that keeps me reaching for it regularly when I’m in my living room or digital when I’m in bed, trying to fall asleep. However, I always find myself watching the film from start to finish and then dozing off at around 3am!

Birds of Prey High-Res Images Unveiled by Warner Bros.

I’m not going to say it. I’m not. But ‘Frozen II‘ has once again risen up the chart, this time by six places to now occupy the fourth position in the chart. After losing its place two weeks ago to re-enter the chart last week in the tenth position, the film has stopped its icy slide down the charts and has decided to take up residency inside the top ten once more. The animated sequel just has to be one of the biggest selling titles of 2020 to date.

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He seems to have found a quick burst of speed once more as ‘Sonic The Hedgehog‘ rises a single place to round out this week’s top five titles. The Sega character has enthralled and delighted youngsters and their parents for months now, at the cinema, on the cinema rental system, on download, and finally on the disc format. It has given Jim Carrey his best box office performance in years and he deserves it.

Sonic The Hedgehog

We begin our look at the bottom five titles this week with ‘1917‘, which slips a place to plan its next course of wartime action in the sixth position. The Sam Mendes directed epic has seen its fortunes waver over the past few weeks and is now on its descent towards the bottom of the chart.


True-life courtroom thriller ‘Dark Waters‘ and its selling prowess seems to have dried up a fair bit as it falls three places to end the week down in seventh. The Mark Ruffalo starring drama is one of those films that deserves a viewing or two and to be shocked that something like the events depicted in the film could actually be allowed to happen.

Dark Waters 003

You just can’t seem to keep those lovable elven Lightfoot brothers down as ‘Onward‘ rises a place up the chart to occupy the eighth position in the chart. The film is one of the movies that is being re-released into cinemas (when they actually reopen) as its box office prospects were cut short when the coronavirus hit. Whether families decide to take the plunge and go and see the film on the big screen remains to be seen, however.

Onward 002

Our first new entry makes its bow in the ninth position in the chart as ‘Military Wives‘ arrives inside the top ten. The true-life depiction of a group of women who decided to form their own choir while their husbands were serving in Afghanistan is another of the films that opened just as the lockdown bit, seriously damaging its earning potential. However, the film is an uplifting and spirited one and something that will be seen on TV in years to come on a fairly regular basis.

Military Wives 001

Our final new entry this week comes in at number ten and props up the other nine titles. The big-screen reimagining of the classic TV show ‘Fantasy Island‘ graces us with its presence. The film, starring Michael Pena, takes the premise of the fantasy drama show from the 1970s and early 1980s and turns it into a horror film instead. It is an inspired choice by the filmmakers but one that sadly, doesn’t pay off. Saying that though, the film does have an unseen edition on the disc which apparently makes the film a lot better. I have seen the original cinema release and wasn’t that impressed but I have yet to see the extended edition so I cannot comment on whether the film is that much better in its extended form.

Fantasy Island 001

Coming to Download and Keep from Monday, July 13th, the thriller ‘Arkansas‘ becomes available. The film is based on the novel of the same name by John Brandon and stars Liam Hemsworth, Michael Kenneth Williams (a personal favorite actor of mine), Vivica A. Fox, John Malkovich, and Vince Vaughn. The film was supposed to hit cinemas but due to the coronavirus pandemic, has gone straight to streaming, DVD, and Blu-Ray instead. The film tells the story of a drug dealer named Kyle who is working for a man who is only known as Frog. Kyle is promoted to Arkansas to move the product wholesale with a new partnership known as Swim. The film then sets about telling the story of what happens including the backstories of several of the characters. The film has picked up mixed reviews so far but as I have yet to see it, cannot say if it is either good, bad, or indifferent. That being said, Liam Hemsworth, I find to be always watchable and it is great that he is no longer in his big brother Chris’ shadow. And with a cast that includes John Malkovich and Vince Vaughn, the film calls out to be watched.

Arkansas 001

So, it is over to you, the readers. What is your opinion on what the chart will look like next week? Will ‘The Invisible Man‘ manage to hideaway at the top of the chart? Will ‘Dolittle‘ and his animal friends ascend to the top once again? Will the ‘Military Wives‘ sing themselves into becoming the nation’s chart-topper? Or will ‘Fantasy Island‘ get its ultimate wish and take the throne?

Whatever you decide, whatever you buy, stay safe, be kind, look after each other, and happy viewing!


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