February 2, 2023
The UK Top 10 - Military Wives

This week – Sonic The Hedgehog speeds back up the chart into #2 but nothing can stop the Military Wives from singing their way into the #1 spot on the UK Top 10 Movies Chart.

“Children! I work with children!” Wonder Woman’s words echo in our ears as we welcome you all once more to the official film chart, counting what we have been buying and enjoying during this never-ending lockdown. Ok, so most places are now open for business once more but when it comes to cinema entertainment, we are sorely lacking. I do enjoy going to see the classic films I missed seeing on the big screen from years gone by but they can only go so far before we all grow tired of not being allowed to see the big movies we were expecting this year. It isn’t anyone’s fault in all fairness but you understand my point. We were looking forward to the likes of ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘, ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife‘, ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage‘, ‘Halloween Kills‘, ‘Fast & Furious 9‘ and more but we won’t get to see any of them this side of the new year. A few titles are still listed as being released later this year but with the situation in the United States and the continuing closures of their cinemas, it looks highly unlikely that any of the big hitters will be available to go and see this year.

Wonder Woman 1984

As for this week’s chart, we see our top ten all change positions with only one re-entry coming into the chart that has made any difference to the titles. To accommodate this, we bid goodbye to ‘Fantasy Island‘ after a single week on the top ten as it returns back to its mysterious resting place in the middle of the ocean somewhere. And we have our obligatory new number one once again. What has hit the top of the chart? Clear your throats and prepare to start singing.


As you could probably guess by the last remark, ‘Military Wives‘ has got itself in tune and has risen eight places to become the official UK chart-topping title. The film, based on the true story of a group of wives who formed a choir while their husbands were serving the country in Afghanistan has certainly hit a chord and all the right notes with the buying public. The story is a well-known one as the choir featured on the BBC program, called ‘The Choir’ with Gareth Malone acting as their choirmaster. Starring Kristen Scott-Thomas, the film opened at the cinema just as lockdown hit and as such, had its box office chances severely hampered. But thanks to the cinema rental circuit that came into place on all streaming platforms, the film managed to pick up some deserved cash and that has transformed its fortunes on the buy and keep and the disc formats, giving the British film a nice boost.

Military Wives 001

Rising three places and speeding back into the top three as it takes the silver medal position, we find family favorite ‘Sonic The Hedgehog‘. The big-screen debut of Sega’s top-selling video game character has benefitted from once again, the home cinema circuit, buy and keep and hitting disc at the right time. The film has constantly hung around the top ten and continues to enchant families and seems to have great rewatchable potential. With James Marsden and Jim Carrey taking the human roles in the film, the franchise seems to have been born for the cinema audience and we can expect to see a sequel somewhere down the line.


That’s it, I can’t resist anymore! Refusing to let it go (I had to!) and rising a further place once again to round out the top three positions, we once again find Elsa, Olaf, and the gang as ‘Frozen II‘ continues to sell and download by the bucket loads. The Disney sequel has had a long run inside the top ten and is a former chart-topper. It did drop out of the chart some weeks back but decided to return once again and hasn’t left us since. Although not on par with the original, the film has once again enchanted young children, and even though it is now available on Sky Movies and Disney+, it shows no signs of flagging or going anywhere, anytime soon.


Dropping a place to become this week’s number four best-seller, my favorite film of the year ‘Birds Of Prey: And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn‘ sees its wings clipped slightly. The Margot Robbie led female action film has done decent business at the cinema and outstanding business on home entertainment. With able support from Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rosie Perez, and a slimy performance from Ewan McGregor, the DC film continues to fly high in the chart and looks certain to keep the adults entertained for a while to come.

Birds of Prey High-Res Images Unveiled by Warner Bros.

Rounding out this week’s top five placings and dropping three places, we find Robert Downey Jr and ‘Dolittle‘. The film seems to have made quite an impression on children and families alike as it once again keeps its place inside the top five best-selling titles. With brilliant special effects and a great performance by Downey Jr, the film has blown away the critical derision it encountered upon release and is on course to take a place in the top ten biggest-selling titles of the year. It will probably feature in the lower half of the chart of the year, way behind ‘Frozen II‘ and ‘Jumanji: The Next Level‘ but all the same, it is a great turn of events for a film that was expected to sink without a trace as the biggest flop of the year.


We start our look at the bottom five titles in the chart by greeting last week’s number one title as ‘The Invisible Man‘ tumbles five places. I can’t understand how the film has seen such a drop off of support and sales as it is one of the best films of the year to have come out. Elizabeth Moss takes the lead in this reimagining of the classic novel, bringing the story into the twenty-first century with brilliant effect. Both scary and horrifying, the film is the perfect antidote to all the family fare that is riding high in the chart. It is a great adult film for when the kids go to bed and will give the viewer chills from the start.

The Invisible Man 003

War is still hell and so it proves for the former chart-topping ‘1917‘ as it once again slips a place, this week becoming the UK’s seventh biggest-seller. However, the film has hung around the chart for quite a while now, has sold really well, and is another film that is destined to be in the top ten charts of the year.


Rising eight places and re-entering the chart in the eighth position this week, we welcome back Joaquin Phoenix in his Oscar-winning turn in ‘Joker‘. In what I consider to be the best film of last year, the film has decided to laugh out loud once more and return to give us nightmares and shocks as we once again witness one man’s descent into madness and insanity.

Movie Review | Joker

Slipping on the wet floor and dropping two places to become this week’s ninth best-seller, we find Mark Ruffalo in the gripping and frightening true-life courtroom thriller ‘Dark Waters‘. Again, this is a film that deserves to be seen and for us to be disgusted and disturbed by the events that happened that are featured in the film and marvel at Ruffalo’s quite frankly, brilliant performance he gives during the films run time.

Dark Waters 003

And rounding out the top ten, propping up the other nine but doing it in hilarious, charming and sad style, we find the lovable Lightfoot brothers as Disney’s ‘Onward‘ drops two places to become the nations tenth favorite title of the week.


Becoming available to buy on DVD from Monday, July 20th, we find Julia Garner in the critically acclaimed drama ‘The Assistant‘. The events of the film take place over 24 hours and focus’ on the character of Jane, a junior assistant who is working at a New York film production company. On this particular day, she arrives at work early to work on some administrative tasks. She realizes that her boss has been having sex in his office and has a culture of sexual harassment in place. When a young woman arrives, saying she has been offered a job, Jane files a report with human resources, fearing for the young woman’s welfare. Human resources encourage Jane to share her concerns but it becomes immediately apparent that HR will be turning a blind eye to the practices the boss is engaged in. The film is yet again, another timely reminder of the disgusting attitudes and practices that happen daily at offices around the world. Alongside another film that tackled the issues raised in the film, ‘Bombshell’, it drags these dark secrets that occur behind closed doors and forces them into the light where they can be exposed for all to see and be disgusted and enraged by. A worthy film that deserves to be viewed and digested by all that watch it.

The Assistant 001

So, my dear friends, it is once again over to you. What do you think will make the grade over the next seven days? Will those ‘Military Wives‘ sing on at the top of the chart? Will ‘Sonic The Hedgehog‘ find yet another burst of speed and hit the heights again? Will ‘Frozen II‘ once again rise to become the cream of the crop? Will ‘Dolittle‘ do some more and return to his former position? Or will something unexpected come into the chart and take the top honors?

Whatever you decide, whatever you buy, stay safe, look after each other, be kind and happy viewing!


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