January 27, 2023

Will Warner Bros. release the movie to the international market First?

We have been expecting more movies to be delayed after the COVID-19 suffered a spike in cases in the United States and today, we have the news that ‘Tenet‘, the anticipated upcoming new film from Christopher Nolan has been delayed indefinitely. WB Chairman Toby Emmerich confirmed the news and added:

“We are not treating ‘Tenet’ like a traditional global day-and-date release, and our upcoming marketing and distribution plans will reflect that”


From what we understand, Warner Bros. MAY be considering releasing the film internationally first while the U.S theatres remain firmly closed. This could be in the company’s best interests while the domestic release is postponed. But as of this moment, it has been removed from the studios’ release schedule entirely. However, a release strategy is due to be announced by Warner Bros. very shortly, and as such, we will find out more when they make the announcement. If they decide to hold the release of the film back from all markets, then it doesn’t bode well for ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ which remains on the release slate for an October 2nd opening worldwide, at least for now.

Wonder Woman 1984 Updated Poster

Warners now have a huge dilemma on their hands. If they launch ‘Tenet‘ internationally before the U.S markets, Warner’s will make money off the film but run the risk of missing out on the money the film would make at the American box office. Adding to that, the film could hit DVD and Blu-Ray around the world possibly before it opens domestically, thereby negating the potential box office returns the film could bring. On the other hand, if they decide to not release the film until next year worldwide, they will have a large movie in their lockers ready at waiting to go but once again, they run the risk of people not bothering going to see the film with all the other delayed releases taking up space on the world’s screens at the same time. And that would be a tragedy for the studio and for Nolan himself. Also, there is no way to guess IF the crisis will be over by next year and that would mean the film gathering dust on the shelf awaiting another shot at the box office.


To be honest and with no disrespect to the American audience but from a financial point of view, it is probably in Warner Bros’ best interests if they do decide to release internationally before a domestic release. Of course, it probably won’t open in China as they are not allowing films over two hours in length from being shown in their cinemas and ‘Tenet‘ runs for slightly under two and a half hours so is at risk of not being granted permission to be screened. That would also go for the upcoming James Bond movie ‘No Time To Die‘ which is rumored to have a run time of almost three hours. But releasing internationally first will get some much-needed money in the registers of the cinemas and into Warners’ pockets. And as it would be a large release where they haven’t been any for months now, it could work in the films’ favor.

No Time To Die - Daniel Craig

It has also been announced that ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It‘ has moved from its September 11th release date to now open in 2021.

We will bring you any further developments on this breaking story as soon as they come in.

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