January 30, 2023
Star Trek Prodigy Logo - Nickelodeon

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ will follow the exploits and adventures of a band of rebellious teens

We all knew that there was a kids-aimed ‘Star Trek‘ series in the pipeline from Nickelodeon and have been waiting for any news or a title. Well, the wait is over. It has been revealed that the show will be called ‘Star Trek: Prodigy‘ and will be premiering in 2021. The show will be a CGI-animation series aimed at the younger of Star Trek fans around the globe. Also, the logo for the show has been unveiled:

Star Trek Prodigy Logo - Nickelodeon

The show will follow the exploits and adventures of a band of rebellious teens who, after taking command of an old Starfleet ship, decide to head off into the universe on a course for adventure and self-discovery. The show is coming from CBS’ Eye Animation Productions which is the brand new arm of CBS’ Television Animation Studios in association with Roddenberry Entertainment and Secret Hideout. Already announced to be behind the new project are Rod Roddenberry, Alex Kurtzman, Katie Krentz, Trevor Roth, Heather Kaidin, and Aaron Baiers.

Star Trek: Lower Decks | Cast and Character Designs Unveiled

The news on the new show fits in alongside the previously announced adult-animated show ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks‘, the live-action ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘, the planned but as yet, un-named show featuring Michelle Yeoh and Section 31, the next season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ and of course, the second season of the highly acclaimed and fan-favorite new show, ‘Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek Discovery - Number One and Spock

There has never been a better time to be a fan of the ‘Star Trek‘ franchise and, luckily for me, I have been ever since the original series first hit TV screens. This news fills me with excitement and I’m happy in the knowledge that the franchise looks like it will continue past the final frontier and beyond.


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