December 4, 2022
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Disney announces the Mulan live-action movie will hit Disney+ and selected theatrical markets in September

In what has to be the shock news of the year, it has been confirmed that the big-budget live-action remake of the animated Disney film ‘Mulan‘ which was due for release back in March before being delayed by the coronavirus only to be rescheduled several times before being pulled from the release schedules again is going to almost completely bypass the theatres, in America at least and go straight to the Disney+ streaming service instead.


The film cost $200 million to produce and will be heading to PVOD for the price of $29.99 from September 4th. It will garner a low scale theatrical release in theatres that are safe to screen the film but in the case of the U.S, Canada, New Zealand, and several other as yet unnamed countries, the film will primarily be a PVOD release almost exclusively. Countries that currently do not have access to Disney+ will see the film open in their theatres.  This represents a huge blow to The Disney Company who had marked the film as one of their big hopes for the summer season.

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Thankfully, it has been revealed that this move is a one-off and will have no bearing on future Disney releases that are planned. This news means that ‘Black Widow‘, another of Disney’s big hopes for this year and what would have and still could be a billion-dollar grossing movie, is still expected to open around the world in October/November this year. However, the news comes as a serious and potentially fatal blow to some cinema chains and their locations that are still struggling to survive in the current environment. The film was another that was hoped and looked at to bring the audiences back into multiplexes around the world. With this news, it seems that Disney, after looking at the current market, has decided to take a possible hit. It is also sad to see the film bypass theatres as the film is one of the only Hollywood blockbusters to feature a completely Asian cast, something that would have been great during the calls worldwide for diversity.

We will keep you informed of any further updates to this breaking news.


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