September 27, 2023
The Boys Season 2 Review

Carl checks out the outrageous new trailer and posters for The Boys Season 2!

Amazon Prime‘s sublime series ‘The Boys‘ debuts its second season on September 4th. For those out there who are not in the know, the show is basically an often hilarious, always graphic, violent and gory, foul-mouthed series set within the world who depend on superheroes and worship them like gods. Considering the superheroes or ‘Supes’ as they are known are really nothing more than self-indulgent, uncaring, corrupt, murdering degenerates and the PR company that promotes them and the reality show they star in not only turn a blind eye to their antics but encourage them while concealing the traits from the adoring public and you have a show that is completely balmy but also sheer brilliance. Check out the new trailer below but be warned, the show isn’t for the family or for your grandmother, and as such, the trailer is not for them or the squeamish. Foul language ahead. FINAL WARNING:

You see? I told you! The show is not for the faint-hearted or for those who are easily offended. If you are, steer well clear of it. However, if like me, you loved the first season, then this trailer for the second season looks like the show has ramped things up a hell of a lot since we last saw Billy Butcher and the gang. Looking at the trailer and reading between the lines, it appears that this new season will deal with the fallout of that last-minute shock finale to season one alongside what seems to be a threat to ‘The Seven’ not only from super-powered terrorists that have appeared but also from within from the new team member ‘Stormfront’, who appears to be manipulating both sides, the seven and the terrorists to gain what she wants.

Stormfront in The Boys Season 2

All the while, Butcher and the gang are hatching a plan to not only continue with their attempts to take down the seven but also to take down Vought, the company behind the superheroes and who now hold Butcher’s wife hostage. It also shows that ‘Homelander’ seems to be getting more nasty and violent as the days go by as well as feeling threatened by the arrival and actions of Stormfront. This could lead to a superhero smackdown for the ages before the season climaxes.

Review | The Boys

The final shots of the trailer show what we saw at SDCC at home last week but with the added follow on of some of the aftermath. And what could be a spoiler as to the fate of one of the members of ‘The Boys’? Somehow, I don’t think so but it will be interesting in seeing how it plays out. Keep your eyes peeled during the trailer as in several scenes, the character of ‘Starlight’ appears to be with Butcher and the team and not lining up in her role as one of the seven. Again, could this be a spoiler for what is to come? Could be! Two new posters have also been released for the new show, one featuring Butcher front and center while the other portrays Homelander in the same vein. Both are interesting and demonstrate the characters featured in the show to the fore. Check them out below:


I can’t wait for the second season to start and thankfully, the first three episodes will be available on launch day before settling down to drop once a week afterward.

The Boys‘ Season Two starts on Amazon Prime on September 4th.


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