September 30, 2023
'The New Mutants' Drops A New Teaser Trailer

Carl checks out the new 30-second “Escape” teaser for Marvel’s ‘The New Mutants

What do you know? We have been waiting for ‘The New Mutants‘ to open for over two years now without success and now, in the space of a week, we’ve not only be given a new release date, one which the European cinemas are sticking to and hopefully, the U.S ones too but today has seen a brand new teaser drop for the film in the form of a 30-second spot. Check it out:

I am looking forward to FINALLY seeing the film after all this time. Thankfully, it has been revealed that the film would NEVER have debuted on the streaming sites as the contract states the film cannot hit streaming before gaining a theatrical release. Finally putting that theory to bed, we can now sit back and hopefully enjoy what has been building up for two years. What is interesting to me is the fact that the film has gained a PG-13 rating in the United States while, although we here in the U.K await its certificate to be confirmed by the B.B.F.C, the latest trailer for the film gained a ’15’ or an ‘R’ rating, meaning that the film could indeed be too intense for younger viewers.

The New Mutants 001

It was claimed originally that the film would be more of a horror piece compared to the ‘X-Men‘ franchise it is spun off from but with the PG-13 rating, I feared the film would be another one that would promise something only to let us down. IF the film garners an adults-only rating in the U.K, I would be more than interested in seeing what the film holds within. But, only another twenty-four days to wait and find out.

The New Mutants opens (hopefully) August 28th.


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