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This week – Star Wars: A New Hope strikes back and claims the #3 spot but Frozen 2 and Trolls World Tour continue to dominate the UK Top 10 Movies Chart.

“Hey! I Gots To Know!”. To know what exactly, classic movie fans will understand instantly what that statement is referring to! But for the rest of us, we have to know what has been going on in the realms of the home entertainment world and without further ado, I welcome you all in once again as we rundown and find out what titles have made the grade inside this week’s top ten. Late last night came the news that the Disney live-action remake of their classic animated film ‘Mulan‘ would be skipping the cinemas, in America at least, and going straight to the Disney+ streaming service. The film cost the studio an estimated $200million and represents a huge shock in bypassing the multiplexes.

Mulan 001

The movie is now expected to release in the UK on Disney+ for a premium cost. The U.S price for the film is $29.99 but, although it was thought that it was for purely a rental, it has now emerged that the price is to buy the film and keep it for as long as the Disney+ service is subscribed to. No price has been announced for the UK or Europe as yet. The film will open in cinemas where it is safe to do so as well as in countries that don’t currently have the Disney+ service.  This will be a one-off however as Disney has already stated that ‘Black Widow‘, the Scarlett Johansson Marvel film that has been delayed from March of this year to October/November WILL open in cinemas first and won’t be debuting on streaming. The same goes for the long-delayed ‘The New Mutants‘ which will finally open in cinemas on the 28th of August.

Black Widow 007

As for what we currently have at our disposal for entertaining us at home, there is one new entry into the chart but it is an old film, 43 years old in fact that hasn’t featured in the chart at all but has decided to make itself known inside the top ten finally. Outside of the top ten, we find ‘Deep Blue Sea 3‘ coming in as a new entry at number 12, the new Bruce Willis action thriller ‘Survive The Night‘ which rises six places up the chart to reach number 13 and the boxset of ‘Trolls/ Trolls: World Tour‘ which occupies the fifteenth position. To accommodate the one new entry into the top ten, we must say farewell to ‘Birds Of Prey: And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn‘ which has flown through the chart trap door. And at the top of the chart, the top two positions remain unchanged for the past seven days. So, let’s see what has amazed everyone by hitting the chart and see where our other favorites lay this week.


Holding firm as the official UK number one title, we find those pesky but lovable creatures once more as ‘Trolls: World Tour‘ hangs out at the top. The animated sequel with the voices of Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake made its debut on cinema screens across the country last Friday, months after it was due to open but instead, went to streaming services where it made an absolute fortune. I’m not sure if it made much money at the cinema as it didn’t seem too many people ventured out to visit the multiplexes but by the same token, the film has still made its cash on the streaming and the disc markets instead as its chart position demonstrates.

Trolls World Tour 001

Its really hot outside at the moment but that hasn’t stopped ‘Frozen II‘ from icing itself into another week in the second position. The Disney sequel has become a juggernaut of a release and continues to rent, download, and sell well, all the while it is available on both Disney+ and Sky Movies. Lockdown has certainly boosted the films selling power as it continues to keep families and children entertained during the uncertain times we are still encountering.

Frozen 2 - 001

In 1977, a film opened around the world that launched a global phenomenon, a franchise that to this day, is still going strong. Last year saw the final ‘Episode’ film in the saga but with new movies, TV Shows, and merchandise continuing to arrive for us to digest, it shows no real signs of flagging. Coming into the chart in the third position and gracing us with its presence for the first time in the top ten countdown, we welcome that very first movie in the franchise, thanks to its recent release in a steel book version. I am of course talking about ‘Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope‘. Yes, forty-three years after it first burst into the public eye, the film has sold more than enough copies to blast its way into our chart. The other films in the saga have also been released or are going to be released in a steel book version and as such, we can possibly expect to see them make an impression on the chart over the coming weeks and months.

Star Wars A New Hope

Dropping a place to become this week’s fourth best-selling title, we find that cute, cuddly, and extremely spiky ‘Sonic The Hedgehog‘. Sega’s top-selling video game character, in his first big-screen outing, has been a mainstay inside the top ten for quite a while now and again, made a comeback into our cinemas this past Friday, again with a small semblance of success. The past week has also seen the announcement that a second film starring Sonic will be racing into cinemas around the world in 2022.

Sonic The Hedgehog 005

Rounding out this week’s top five biggest-selling titles, we find Sam Mendes’ Oscar-winning masterpiece ‘1917‘ which drops a place. The World War I drama is another film that has made its money on home entertainment after a successful cinematic run and continues to bring the horrors of war and its effects on the troops involved into our homes.

1917 001

We begin our look into the nether regions of the top ten placings by once again laughing along with ‘Joker‘ and his horrifying antics as he holds firm in the sixth position. Joaquin Phoenix’s epic and quite frightening performance continue to thrill and disturb us in equal measure several months after it first made an impression on home entertainment.

Joker 004

Another title that has hit the pause button this week as it holds onto its seventh-placed position, we find Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, and Kevin Hart in the sequel ‘Jumanji: The Next Level‘.

Jumanji The Next Level 001

Dropping three places this week after the animals decided to go quiet on him and his adventures seemed to go south, Robert Downey Jr still hangs on in there as ‘Dolittle‘ ends the week in the eighth position.


Although he drops a place this week to end up in the ninth position, Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc is still detecting inside the top ten as ‘Knives Out‘ retains a chart position.


Completing this week’s line up and dropping a place to hover over the chart exit door in tenth, we find Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the threequel ‘Bad Boys For Life‘.

Bad Boys For Life 001

Coming soon to save every one of us, the 1980 film adaptation of the classic cartoon strip ‘Flash Gordon‘ hits Blu-ray to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The campy but enjoyable romp starring Sam J. Jones as the eponymous hero was critically derided upon its release but has since become a cult classic. With the aid of Melody Anderson as Dale Arden, Topol as Dr. Hans Zarkov, Timothy Dalton as Prince Barin, Brian Blessed as Prince Vultan (Gordon’s Alive?!) and the late, legendary Max Von Sydow as Ming The Merciless, the film is coming to us in a 4K UHD remastered edition and boasting tons of new and previously released extras. However, there is a collector’s version of the film being released at the same time which includes the ‘Life After Flash’ documentary on disc, the acclaimed Queen soundtrack of the film as well as a poster, art cards and a comic strip among other notable extras. My copy is already on pre-order as it is just something that has to become part of my collection! I already own the previously released Blu-ray of the film but this newly remastered version is a must-own for me. If you’re in the mood for some classic campness and what I can only describe as a rollicking good time, then I suggest you track down a copy for yourself. You won’t regret it!

Flash Gordon 001

And that is all she wrote for this week. I thank you all for joining me once more for the chart countdown and I sign off with my usual question. What do you think will be making the grade next week? Will there be anything that will dislodge ‘Trolls: World Tour‘ from its top position and if there is, what do you think it will be? Why not drop us a line at The Future Of The Force with your predictions? Who knows, you may get a mention in next week’s countdown if you’re right!

Until next week, whatever you decide, whatever you buy, stay safe, be kind, look after each other, and happy viewing!


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