September 27, 2023

Carl reports on the positive gate receipts for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet

We have been waiting to see the next move in the ever-changing sagas surrounding the Warner Bros. film ‘Tenet‘ and the much-delayed and seemingly cursed ‘The New Mutants‘. Would both films actually get to see the cold light of day? Would ‘Tenet‘ actually get to open after all the negative news that has surrounded it as of late? And would ‘The New Mutants‘, delayed for over two years, had its very existence called into question and suffered more than its fair share of detractors (myself included) ACTUALLY see the inside of a movie theatre? The answer to both questions is a resounding YES. Tickets for ‘Tenet‘ today have finally gone on sale in the UK alongside the release of several new posters for the film. And it’s fantastic to report that the sales of tickets for the Christopher Nolan film have, in the UK, flown out of box offices across the country in their droves.


The Cineworld and Vue cinema chains have reported that tickets have been snapped up as soon as they went on sale, bringing a huge sense of relief to the beleaguered cinemas which, despite being open for business again, haven’t seen the footfall through the doors that they were hoping for. The release of the Russell Crowe thriller ‘Unhinged‘ was hoped to lure audiences back through the doors and into seats that have been empty for months. Alongside the film, several classic movies such as Nolans ‘Dark Knight‘ trilogy, ‘The Empire Strikes Back‘ and others have been playing in the hopes the audience would flood back. Sadly, it has been almost like a minor trickle instead of a flood up until now. But it seems that the audience has been holding back and waiting for Nolan’s amazing looking film to be the one that makes them walk once again through the doors of the local multiplex.


The film finally gets to open on August 26th and from the sounds of it, will prove to be the catalyst that the industry has been waiting for and hoping for. My ticket is already booked for opening day but it seems as though the film could possibly be one that dominates every screen at the cinema. The Cineworld close to where I live and where I shall be seeing the film has at least twenty screenings a day, over the opening three days. Considering the multiplex has nine screens and the film is two and a half hours long, it stands to reason that it may possibly be the ONLY film the cinema will be showing. And yet many showings are sold out. Social distancing means that the capacity of each screen has been diminished somewhat but to see the film sold out completely is a very encouraging sign.


The New Mutants‘, so long the film that nobody could get to see, was frustrating for the cast and crew for sitting on the shelf and not being released, was ridiculed without a frame being seen and saw more delays than a train in the UK is now so close to actually opening. The film is due to open on August 28th (unless you’re in the UK where it opens a week later to avoid ‘Tenet‘) around the world and it can’t come soon enough. For whatever reason, the film just didn’t get a fair shake of good fortune in its quest to see the inside of a cinema screen. It came within a few weeks of opening back in April before COVID-19 dealt it what was thought to be a fatal death blow to its chances. However, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it has held its nerve, emerged stronger than ever, and will finally get its long-awaited release. People thought the situation in the United States would deal it another blow and see it delayed yet again. But with the release of an IMAX poster for the film with the August release date emblazoned along the bottom, it looks like the distributor is pushing ahead with the release and it is almost certain now to see the light after two years of darkness. It has been revealed that tickets for the film go on sale next week.  I’m waiting for the UK cinemas to open the box office up for the film so I can book my seat for opening day so I can FINALLY see if the wait has been worth it.

The New Mutants 004

These two pieces of news have made my day. Two films I have been longing to see for quite a while are finally coming to screens within a few weeks and with them, hopefully, the cinematic experience is coming back. To quote Emperor Palpatine from ‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker‘, “Long have I waited”. To me, its been far TOO long. But, despite the news that ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ may get delayed after the Warner Bros. announcement regarding possible delays to several of their films which would really annoy me, it seems like the cinematic year can, at last, get started. It may be late August before it does but despite everything, COVID can throw at us, the movies HAVE survived. And with it, the audience’s appetite for decent entertainment.


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