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The New Mutants | New Posters Revealed

The studio reveals two new posters as tickets finally go on sale

It is coming! It’s so close now! Of course, I’m talking of that elusive and once considered not to even exist movie that is ‘The New Mutants‘. After two years on the shelf and amongst delays, withdrawals, and COVID-19, the film is just over a week away from finally opening at movie theatres across the globe. In anticipation of this long-denied and awaited and hopeful successful release of director Josh Boone’s superhero movie which is set in the same universe as ‘X-Men‘ and what once was going to fit alongside the main franchise, new posters have been released online for the film. Let’s all take a look:


I have yet to see the film but I’m hoping that after all the delays and such events that have seen the film gather dust that it turns out to be good and enjoyable and worth the wait. I do think it is a good thing it will get the chance to open in theatres and not go onto Disney+ as a PVOD release like ‘Mulan‘ has been. Boone and his cast deserve better than that. It hasn’t been their fault that the film has been shelved time and again. Most of the blame has to lie at the feet and doors of the former 20th Century Fox studio. Now that Disney owns the Fox library and their as yet unreleased material, I thank them for FINALLY granting the film its long-anticipated release.

The New Mutants 004

Tickets are now on sale for the film including the U.K even though we get the film a week later due to the opening of  ‘Tenet‘ and giving it time to hit the box office.

The New Mutants gets the chance to lead the mutant assault on box offices from August 28th.


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