December 10, 2022
'The New Mutants' Delivers A New Teaser

The build-up begins. Another new teaser for The New Mutants has arrived!

The build-up to the release of ‘The New Mutants‘ is really starting to gather pace ahead of its August 28th release. It seems every day now that something new for the film lands online and we are now into single digits until it hits the multiplexes. Today, we have been treated to a brand new teaser for the film. It is only thirty seconds long but what it shows will get the excitement levels up once more ready for the big reveal in nine days:

The mix of action, adventure, and horror make the movie look like it could be a winner. It really looks the part and could be one of the best films that we will get to see this year. The wait could be worth it after all. It looks genuinely scary in places and that could be the reason why the BBFC in the UK has deemed the film as unsuitable for anyone under the age of 15. It seems to contain sequences of horror and content which must have pushed it to the very edge of the PG-13 rating the film has attained in the United States but have tipped it over the edge in Great Britain into a more adult category.


The rating will upset younger children that will be interested and hoping to see the film with their parents but gives me hope that we may get a rip-roaring comic book movie that pushes the envelope.

Nine days and counting until the film launches out of the screen at us.


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