January 30, 2023
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Karl Urban would love to return for more adventures in Mega-City One

We recently reported that there was a distinct possibility that the character of Judge Dredd may be coming back in a TV show entitled ‘Mega-City One‘. This was great news for fans of the character and of the 2012 film that starred Karl Urban as the title character, a role that fitted him like a glove. Sadly though, the film didn’t break the box office and any chance of a return as Dredd for Urban looked like a fanboy fantasy. But the news that the show had been written and the project was in its very early stages brought us to hope that the Judge may yet once more be cleaning up the streets.

The CEO of Rebellion, Jason Kingsley stated that the show would possibly be gearing up to start filming IF the pandemic hadn’t put everything onto the back burner. But he did express the hope that Urban and maybe Sylvester Stallone would return to once again pound the streets.

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Well, things just got interesting! Karl Urban himself has spoken about the possibility of him returning as the 2000AD character and here is what he had to say:

“Well, listen, it’s very, very early to get into any specifics on that, but I’ve gone on record before saying that I would love to come back and be a part of that world and tell more Dredd stories. There is just a plethora of great, great stories within the Judge Dredd universe. I think that Jason (Kingsley) and his team-I think that the legacy of Judge Dredd is in great hands. And if I get the opportunity to work with those guys, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be there. I think that it would be just a real rich and rewarding experience for, not only for us to collaborate, but for the fans. So, if that happens, that’d be fantastic and for whatever reason – and there are many- if it doesn’t happen, then I wish them the best, and I can’t wait to see what they do”


Karl Urban has often stated that he would be down to return once more as Dredd but in all honesty, one thing stands firmly in the way at this point in time: ‘The Boys‘. The Amazon Prime series is about to start broadcasting the second season of the show and the third season has already been announced as coming and so Urban will be busy filming that shortly and that may present a huge obstacle to overcome in the chances of him returning to play Dredd again. But and I mean this IF the makers of the Dredd show are reading this article, then please, whatever you do, HOLD OUT FOR A GAP IN KARL URBAN’S SCHEDULE! There, I’ve said it. Get Karl Urban back at all costs and you can virtually write your own ticket to success.

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Stallone, as I’ve said before, gave the world HIS version of Dredd and it didn’t work, mainly because it was tailored to be a vehicle for the action star. Fine. But where Urban’s portrayal of the character was concerned, he was pitch-perfect, the Dredd the fans were crying out for and his version is the one that finds itself being screened on various channels, on cable, satellite, and streaming alongside terrestrial TV every few months. So to me, it is a no-brainer. If the show is going to happen, then Karl Urban needs to be back as Dredd. Please make it happen.


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