November 26, 2022

Snyder builds the hype for ‘The Snyder Cut’ ahead of DC FanDome

With DC FanDome coming up this weekend, all eyes are turning to what juicy little titbits the fans can glean from what they see and hear. A lot of eyes and ears are tuned to the discussion regarding The Snyder Cut of ‘Justice League‘. In particular, we are waiting to hear in what form this new and exciting version of the film will be available. It could be in the form of a mammoth four-hour-long movie. Or, as Snyder himself has stated, it could be in the form of episodes instead. Personally, I’m hoping for one big movie that I can sit through but that’s just me. But what has hit the internet today has set pulses racing.

Zack Snyder's Justice League

Ok, it only lasts for twenty seconds and change but it is another teaser for The Snyder Cut and one that shows us footage that we have either not seen before or was in the original trailers but was cut from the final version of the film originally. Hold on and take a look:

Now, I don’t know about you but I’m pretty FRICKIN STOKED about now! The rumors have turned out to be true that there is indeed another version of the film and we are around five months from actually seeing it. That much we know. But what we don’t know and cannot wait to find out is exactly what this ‘new’ version contains. I love the fact that we get to see a resurrected Clark Kent once again but in a different scene than we have witnessed before alongside footage of Victor Stone (Cyborg) before his accident which turned him into the hero we have come to know. And of course, once more we get to see four of our heroes’ feet hit the ground by the Superman monument. All this in twenty seconds. Twenty seconds that will send fans out of their minds in anticipation. And this ahead of the full trailer hitting at Fandome on Saturday.

Justice League - Zack Snyder

All eyes now turn to Saturday’s event and the hope that we will be treated to more of what we can expect from the film and hopefully, we may even get to learn the official title of the film as Snyder has said that ‘Justice League: The Snyder Cut’ may NOT be the real title for the movie! Speculation starts now. But I’ll be watching in anticipation on Saturday to find out everything I can about The Snyder Cut (or whatever it’s actually called!). With this teaser, the excitement levels just hit the red zone.


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