New Poster for Wonder Woman 1984

Ahead of DC FanDomePatty Jenkins unveils this glorious new poster from WW84

You can tell that DC has more than they are letting on up their sleeves prepared for DC FanDome this weekend. They must have. Otherwise, they are going to run out surprises before the big day even starts! This is my feeling as today sees a new poster for ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ hit the internet and the sites.


Also, a new banner for the film has dropped too.  Let’s all take a look:


Yep, very 1980s! But what’s with the Superman impression by Diana on the poster, I wonder? Not that we really are too bothered, we just want to see the final trailer and the film itself at this stage. It also has a nice throwback feel to it with WW doing a Superman flying pose in her golden armor and wings. It somehow feels right and pays tribute to the classic DC films from years ago. And the banner gives us yet another good look at the Amazonian goddess in all her golden glory. But what is interesting and most welcome is what is seen at the bottom of both images. ‘Only In Theaters’. That is the best news I’ve heard for a while as it FINALLY puts to bed the threat of the film going to PVOD instead once and for all. And after the teaser, for the new trailer to be unveiled tomorrow, it seems like we are almost in the closing stages of a race now, the final sprint to the finish, and the medal presentation.

I can’t wait for the film to open and I’m watching the UK cinema sites ready to book my seat as soon as the tickets become available. With the debut of this new poster for the film, October 2nd cannot get here soon enough.


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