December 9, 2022
Justice League 013

The new teaser arrives just hours before DC FanDome

Wouldn’t you know it? While we in Europe were sleeping soundly in our beds, possibly dreaming of what we will discover at DC FanDome this weekend, the USA decides to drop the thirty-second teaser for the upcoming ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘. The teaser reveals that the film has been rated PG-13 in America, as expected but the main talking points come from what we get to see during the teaser. Not only do we get to see scenes that we haven’t been granted to until now, not only do we get to witness some decent Wonder Woman action but we have been rewarded with the first look at Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah in action! They have been keeping her appearance and the look seriously under wraps for what seems like a year now and until now, we have only seen her in a friendly capacity until images of the doll of the character from the film made their way online. Now though, we get to finally see, although briefly, Cheetah in action against the Amazonian warrior:

I was already looking forward to seeing the film but now my desire to see it has hit overdrive. The film should already have been released but thanks to the worldwide pandemic, it hits the screen on October 2nd. Little is still known about the film apart from the small hints we have been given but from the look of the teaser, it seems Diana Prince/Wonder Woman will seriously have her work cut out for her this time around. The new trailer will debut at DC FanDome this weekend alongside a panel featuring the stars and writer/director Patty Jenkins and they have promised us quite a few surprises during their time with us.

New Wonder Woman 1984 Poster

I intend to be watching the entire event and to be amazed and surprised by what will be revealed. After this incredible teaser, the film is looking like it will blow the minds of all DC fans around the world. And that really is Wonderful.


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