December 9, 2022
Zack-Snyders-Justice-League 002

The countdown to DC FanDome just got a new countdown tease – The Snyder Cut style!

Tomorrow, we will all be sitting in front of our TV’s, computer monitors, tablets, phones and laptops as DC FanDome launches. With the likelihood of tons of content and surprises lying in wait and after the build-up that these past few days have had, you’d be forgiven in thinking that they would be running seriously low on material. It doesn’t seem as that is the case as today, we have been given what MUST be the final tease for the ‘Justice League: The Snyder Cut‘ panel that will be on tomorrow. Sit back and see what they have given us this time:

It looks to me like they have given us a few new shots of what to expect mixed in with footage from the original trailer and what we have already seen in the film that was released back in 2017. However, no matter how you take it, it is probably the final build-up to what to expect from the panel. And it does the job it’s intended to do, to get us riled up and ready to consume what they will reveal. And we all know that we will be tweeting about it long after its ended. To that end, it has been a roaring success. And now, we must wait a few short hours until we are hopefully completely blown away with what Zack Snyder and the cast will throw at us. I, for one, cannot wait.


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