November 26, 2022
Black Adam - DC FanDome

Dwayne Johnson sets the record straight about his super-powered anti-hero

Although it didn’t show much, the panel for ‘Black Adam‘ still gave us enough information to keep us ticking over until next December when the film is finally released. Dwayne Johnson hasn’t shied away from dropping hints and sharing concept art of the film over the past year or so and he didn’t let the fans down during his appearance during the panel.

Black Adam Logo

He gave us a great ninety-second concept art trailer telling the audience the back story to the character and the logo for the film. The original plan was for Johnson as Black Adam to be the villain in the ‘Shazam!‘ movie but things couldn’t be worked out. Now, the character will stand tall in his own standalone movie.

Black Adam CConcept Art

Dwayne Johnson answered the fans’ questions including revealing that he would like to hang out with Superman and may end up having a fight with him somewhere down the line in a future movie. He dropped the reasons for his reasons for wanting to play the character, saying he has been with him for a long time and that he had been eyeing playing him for years and that it was a passion project for him. The character is an anti-hero and he looks forward to finally playing him after the ten years he has trying to get the project off the ground. The character of ‘Atom Smasher‘ will appear in the film played by Noah Centineo and he and Johnson discussed their upcoming pairing. The JSA will also make an appearance in the film with Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher and Cyclone lined up to face off with Johnson’s character.

Black Adam Concept Art

He ended the panel with a request to send the Justice League a message saying there was a new power in town. Could we see Black Adam be the villain in a second Justice League movie as well as ‘Shazam 2‘?

Black Adam opens December 2021


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