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James Wan and Patrick Wilson delve into working on Aquaman 

The panel was a conversation between Director James Wan and star Patrick Wilson. They reminisced about their time on set, about the times they have worked together previously and about how the project came together. Wan decided he wanted Wilson for the role of Oceanmaster was on the day he decided to accept the film. Wilson spoke about the fear he had of working in the harness for the underwater scenes. Not much was revealed but it sounds like Wilson will be back again as Orm in the sequel. Wan and Wilson discussed what the plans were for the sequel. It is possibly the first time that Wan has confirmed that he will be back to direct to the next film after expressing doubt that he would be back to direct the sequel.


There was no more information regarding the second film or whether Amber Heard would be returning as Mera or where the film would go after the impressive and enjoyable original but at least it has been confirmed that Jason Momoa will be back once more as the king of the oceans of the world finally. We can start to look forward to going back to the depths once again.


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