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I AM VENGEANCE! Robert Pattinson‘s Dark Knight brings the awesomeness in the stunning DC FanDome teaser trailer

To end the surprises at DC FanDome, the final panel was dedicated to the upcoming ‘The Batman‘. With the release of several images of Robert Pattinson in his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman before the panel started and the dropping of the logo and the poster, all eyes were on what would be revealed about the movie. The panel opened with the theme from Michael Giacchino before Robert Pattinson himself spoke to the fans. Although he couldn’t say too much regarding the film, he did promise a surprise at the end of the panel before handing over to Matt Reeves, the director of the new film. Reeves told everyone that he was a huge Batman fan and was impressed by his abilities and qualities. The film is set during the early part of Batman’s career and doesn’t go back to when Bruce Wayne became the Dark Knight but it will have part of the story that ties into his origins.


Paul Dano as The Riddler will play the character like we have never seen before as will Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Reeves wants the actors to make the characters their own. Reeves paid tribute to Andy Serkis for his work as Alfred. It will be all origins for the villains during the film and will show the snowball effect to show how they become the villains we know and love. The film will tie-in with the new ‘Gotham P.D’ series that is coming to screens shortly. Robert Pattinson has had a say in the design of the new Batsuit and actually asked for Christian Bale’s advice regarding the suit, to which Bale replied to make sure he could go to the bathroom easily. Reeves said that he decided not to shoot some of the exterior shots in places like New York and shot in places in England instead which can have buildings added to them via CGI. Reeves told the audience why he chose Pattinson for the new Caped Crusader, saying he saw him in films such as ‘The Lost City Of Z‘ which led to Reeves wanting Pattinson for the character.

The Batman 003

Reeves talked about the new Batcave, the new Batmobile, and the Batbike, saying the new Batcave would be fun for the audience to discover. The Batsuit was redesigned to allow Pattinson movement to film the fight scenes.  Reeves’s version of Batman will be shown to make mistakes. Batman will be shown to show some self-doubt. The film is a detective story rather than a straight-out action movie.


Batman in the film will be detecting murders which will lead to him to the classic villains. The film will be grounded in reality instead of some of the versions that have been made over the years. Only 25-30% of the movie has been shot so far but that didn’t stop Reeves from unleashing the very first trailer for the film. Take a deep breath and watch:

I was worried about Robert Pattinson taking on the role of Batman but from what we were granted, it seems my fears were unfounded as it looks amazing. The final reveal of the title morphing into the logo was spine chilling and seemed very much like the film should be.


The Batman opens worldwide in October 2021.


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