Blumhouse Developing 'The Thing' Remake

The legendary filmmaker is about to return to the ice shelf to deliver the definitive version of ‘The Thing’

Now, you’d be forgiven in thinking that my knives would be sharpened and would be out for any remake/reboot of John Carpenter‘s sublime horror remake of ‘The Thing‘. Normally, you would be 1000% right, they would be. 2011s prequel, although trying hard and actually managing to do a few things right (effects match the 1982 version, Morricone’s theme being used), the film is a very pale imitation of Carpenter’s work. But on this occasion, I am genuinely interested and excited for Blumhouse’s proposed remake/reboot. And my interest just went up a hell of a lot as it has been confirmed that the Maestro, John Carpenter himself is onboard with the project.

John Carpenter's The Thing

The film was already on my radar because the story of this new version will contain additional chapters of the groundbreaking novel from John Campbell, Frozen Hell, that were discovered again after decades of being believed to have been lost forever. Now, Frozen Hell and the other book the film(s) have been based on, Who Goes There? will be combined together to bring the best of the RKO original movie and Carpenter’s version to the screen. THIS is a film I’d happily pay to see at the box office. It most certainly isn’t going down the dreaded PG-13 remake route. Instead, it will be a full-on horror that will bring a brand new version to the masses. And that suits me down to the ground. Carpenter being involved in some capacity with the production means that the film now is guaranteed to be taking my cash in admission fees at the box office.

John Carpenter's The Thing

Jason Blum And John Carpenter have already worked successfully on the 2018 sequel/reboot of ‘Halloween‘. On that occasion and on the upcoming sequels ‘Halloween Kills‘ and ‘Halloween Ends‘, Carpenter alongside his son Cody and Daniel Davies, composed the score, updating Carpenter’s sublime music for the first two ‘Halloween‘ films. Now both men have decided to work together on ‘The Thing‘ remake/reboot, the film could be the quintessential version of John Campbell’s work. And I’m all in for it. Two things though. I have said this before and I’ll say it again. Get Kurt Russell in somehow in any capacity to make an appearance in the film, whether it be a cameo or as a different character than Macready and I’ll be clapping my hands with joy. And use Ennio Morricone’s themes as a basis for the score for the film. John Carpenter vacated the composer chair for his version in favor of Morricone and I’d like Carpenter to score the film this time around but use the themes from his version as the basis for the score. The spine if you will. The film would then be possibly one of the greatest remakes of all time.

John Carpenter's The Thing

The tagline for the 1982 version was ‘Man Is The Warmest Place To Hide’. If they pull this off right, the movie theatre will be MY place to hide.


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