September 22, 2023
The Mandalorian LP Set

Ludwig Göransson‘s glorious soundtrack is immortalized with incredible new artwork

The Star Wars franchise, regardless of whether they are the ‘Episode’ films or standalone pieces, the current TV shows or the animated series are all banded together by one thing they all share. The music they contain. From the genius of John Williams and his classic fanfare and compositions to the entire nine-film arc and his contribution to ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story‘, Michael Giacchino and his fantastic score to ‘Rogue One‘, John Powell and his score for ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story‘ and Kevin Kilner for ‘The Clone Wars‘ animated show, all deliver worthy, fist-pumping scores that encompass Williams’ original themes and add to them to produce music that lives long in the memory. But when we first heard the score to ‘The Mandalorian‘ TV show from the renowned Ludwig Göransson, we were treated to music that fitted the show like a hand into a glove. Basically, the show is a cross between classic Star Wars and a western. And the score embraced that fact and gave us something that stands out from the usual musical fare. The complete episodic scores have been available digitally for a few months now, allowing the fans to own the brilliant music the show contained.

The Mandalorian LP

With the return of the vinyl LP format after years in the wilderness, Mondo and Walt Disney Records have decided to join in and have announced a fabulous and stunning vinyl box set containing the entire scores for the episodes of the first season. A limited-edition of 3,500 units, the box set is now available to pre-order. Containing eight LPs that have been compressed on 180-gram vinyl, each disc has been afforded its own particular jacket and boasts artwork that has been commissioned by the artist Paul Mann. The slipcase that holds the eight discs has been given the Mudhorn signet of the title character in a stunning design that screams to collectors and fans for it to be purchased and added to their music library. Each jacket shows the characters and a preview of the action and story each episode contained. From the main character himself through to IG-11, Cara Dune, and to the supporting characters, each jacket is like looking at a glorious painting that adorns the walls in a gallery. You could honestly see any one of them hanging in a larger version being the star attraction in an art gallery anywhere in the world. Check out the stunning cover below:

The Mandalorian LP 001The Mandalorian LP 002The Mandalorian LP 003The Mandalorian LP 004The Mandalorian LP 005The Mandalorian LP 006The Mandalorian LP 007The Mandalorian LP 008

The set is available to pre-order from the Mondo shop from August 26th and I seriously think that the set would look fantastic sitting on a collectors vinyl collection shelf or in any Star Wars fans’ personal collection of merchandise and music library material. It screams out as a must-buy and I have to admit, I am seriously tempted to order one for myself. Thankfully, I own an LP player and would be able to play the discs should the urge ever take me to open the set (heaven forbid!). But why not check the set-out and make up your own minds. After all, this is the way.


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