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Another new trailer for Fox’s final mutant chronicle hits the wires

In three days, ‘The New Mutants‘ gets its long-delayed release. Once again, a new trailer for the film has been released, this one entitled ‘Contained’. Although it doesn’t show too much in the way of new footage, it does again bring home the fact that the film is almost here. You can view the trailer here:

I’m seeing the film this coming weekend and I’m hoping that the film has been worth the wait. However, a report doing the rounds states that the film will not be shown to critics or have any preview showings before its release. This is troubling. Usually, when a film doesn’t screen for critics before release, it means the film is inevitably a major turkey. Take the 1998 film version of the classic British TV show ‘The Avengers‘ (not related to the Marvel property). The film starred Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman, and Sir Sean Connery and wasn’t screened to anyone before release. And of course, the film turned out to be a complete stinker. A turkey that didn’t even deserve stuffing. That is what is making me fear that ‘The New Mutants‘ is another godawful film in the ‘X-Men‘ franchise and possibly not worth the wait, the hype, or anything. I seriously hope I’m mistaken and the film turns out to be a fantastic and scary addition to the now Disney-owned franchise.

'The New Mutants' Delivers A New Teaser

The world and I will discover the truth from 28th August.


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