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Just one-week into shooting and Chainsaw Massacre reboot has a new director!

Another week, another reboot.  After last week’s news that ‘The Exorcist‘ MAY be getting the remake/reboot treatment, this week sees the news that a reboot/sequel to ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘ has already started production from Legendary Entertainment. But those darn pesky ‘Creative Differences’ have raised their heads once more as it is being reported that the directors of the project, Andy and Ryan Tohill have left the production one week into the movie. Legendary has moved with lightning speed and appointed David Blue Garcia as the film’s new director instead.

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The film is apparently set after the events of the Tobe Hooper classic original. Garcia has been lucky in the fact that the film has only been shooting for a week and as such, can reshoot the scenes already filmed by the Tohill’s without much of a hiccup. For those who are not in the know of the story, the original film centered on a brother and sister along with their friends who whilst on a trip to visit Texas and the grave of their grandfather, fall victim to a family of cannibals which contains the chainsaw-wielding psychopath known as ‘Leatherface‘. Suffice to say, it doesn’t end too well for most of the teens and contains some raw horror that still induces the odd wince every now and again. It is strange though to learn that the director, Tobe Hooper was convinced that the film would garner itself a PG rating due to the lack of real blood and gore. Yeah, as if! When your film contains a female being impaled on a meathook and left to hang up like a piece of meat, a wheelchair-bound victim being sliced open with a chainsaw (although filmed from behind and with no real gore or blood on screen) and ‘The final girl’ restrained at a dinner table and screaming in fright and madness as ‘Leatherface’ wears her brothers face over his own, the family sitting down to eat the murdered victims and their grandfather licking blood off of the victim’s fingers, you won’t get a kiddie-friendly rating!

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The original film is considered to one of the scariest that has ever been made and while I disagree with that, it is still shocking in places and enough to make an audience feel true fear. The story was based on the true-life exploits of serial killer Ed Gein. Although not an adaptation of the true events, there is enough in the film for the audience to get an idea of what Gein actually did. Hooper actually did make a sequel back in the mid-80s with Dennis Hopper starring but as the film was a Cannon Films production, production values were not that high and the film wasn’t very good. The original film has been remade before in 2003 with Jessica Biel taking the lead role and was actually a worthwhile remake. Sadly though, they followed it up with ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning‘ with Jordanna Brewster which wasn’t half as good and the 2013 film ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D‘ which tried to start a new franchise off but came across as a half-hearted attempt to reinvigorate the series, although Alexandra Daddario and Scott Eastwood did make the film watchable and enjoyable to a certain degree.

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I have to say that I’m not that impressed that they have once again mined horror movie history and once more tried to restart the franchise but, like the 2003 film and the others that followed it, I’m happy to give the film a chance to impress and scare me. Who knows, perhaps this new version will be a worthy film and one that will deserve its place in horror movie lore. But with the loss of the directors a mere week into the filming of the new project, it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. We will see if Leatherface can come up with the goods once more when the film eventually hits the multiplexes the world over. And always remember, THE SAW IS FAMILY!


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