December 9, 2022

This week – Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker returns to the chart, and fans celebrate the life of Chadwick Boseman, but nothing can stop The Fifth Element from blasting away the opposition.

“Wakanda Forever!”. As you will guess from those words from Marvel Studios’ ‘Black Panther‘, we start this week by dedicating the opening words of the chart countdown by saying a sad and untimely farewell to actor Chadwick Boseman. His death from colon cancer at the tender age of 43 was and still continues to be a shock that nobody could have seen coming. Although I personally never met Mr. Boseman, our editor, and his wife were honored to be invited to attend the ‘Black Panther‘ European premiere. They reported that Mr. Boseman was a genuinely kind, friendly, and decent man who went out of his way to say hello and to take time with anyone who approached and spoke to him.


His acting prowess was one that will live long in our minds and our hearts and his body of work will stand the test of time. It is far too soon to even contemplate what will happen to the ‘Black Panther‘ franchise despite what some people are saying online. They are entitled to their opinions of course but for me, it shouldn’t even be considered at this time. To pay tribute to the actor, many cinemas will, from Friday,  be showing ‘Black Panther‘ in a week-long engagement in their screens. Chadwick Boseman has left behind a legacy for all performers to aspire to and the world will miss his warmth, generosity, and his compassion.


Black Panther‘ has entered the top ten once more this week after the sad news broke at the weekend but as for the rest of this week, things have changed around a fair bit. Titles once again move and shake up and down the chart as they have been for weeks now but there is a total shock at the top of the chart. A new release of an old film has stormed in from nowhere and has shaken things up finally. Also, we have one more re-entry into the top ten alongside ‘Black Panther‘ which is more than welcome. To make way for these different titles, we say goodbye once again to ‘Downton Abbey: The Movie‘, ‘Jumanji: The Next Level‘, ‘Onward‘, and ‘Frozen II‘. Two new entries have hit the chart, in polar opposites placings wise while we still get to hold onto a few of our favorite movies. So, strap in, grab your multi-pass (hint) and lets blast off into the realms of the top ten.


Did you get the reference? I hope you all did! Because the shock of the week comes in the form of our brand new number one title. Twenty-three years after it hit cinema screens around the world, writer/director Luc Besson’s completely nuts, crazy but never less than entertaining sci-fi movie ‘The Fifth Element‘ has dethroned the Trolls and taken the top spot on the first time of asking. This marks the first time the film has been included in the top ten charts and has done so on the back of a 4k restoration of the film and its emergence in a steel book version. Bruce Willis stars as Korben Dallas, a futuristic taxi driver (and former soldier) who becomes involved in the fight against an ancient cosmic enemy which needs five elements to destroy it. Earth, air, fire, and water are the first four and the fifth comes in the rather shapely form of Milla Jovovich. A scenery-chewing performance as the token pantomime villain from Britain’s own Gary Oldman only increases the fun and some of the film is laugh out loud funny. Its only Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhodd that drags the film down whenever he is onscreen and he comes across as completely annoying and distracts from the fun and enjoyment the film contains. But that minor quibble aside, the film is a worthy purchase and a must-own for any collection.

The Fifth Element 001

Running his legs off once again and managing to take the silver medal position in second place this week, we once again find that lovable Sega videogame character ‘Sonic The Hedgehog‘ in his debut movie. The film has been sprinting up and down the charts for months now and shows little sign of flagging. The film is currently at a bargain price on Amazon Prime and many of the streaming services and that could possibly be why the film has so much staying power. Adding to that, the film is currently playing in cinemas across the country and it could be suspected that families are going to see the film and then coming home and buying it for their various film collections. Either way, the film has been a tremendous success and one that will almost certainly continue.

Sonic The Hedgehog 005

After six weeks atop of the chart, ‘The Fifth Element‘ and ‘Sonic The Hedgehog‘ have combined their efforts and have cast ‘Trolls: World Tour‘ down the chart by two places to round out the top three titles. The film can’t have too many complaints however as it has sold, downloaded, and been rented in droves over the past several months ever since it hit PVOD instead of gaining a cinematic release. The film has finally hit multiplexes across the country and it could also be suspected of having the same kind of success that ‘Sonic‘ has enjoyed.

Trolls-World-Tour 001

Still defending against all comers even though it drops back down the chart this week by two places, the masterpiece of cinema that is ‘1917‘ continues to battle for its chart life, this week from the fourth position. Again, the film has had an incredible time inside the top ten and has sold extremely well ever since it made its bow several months ago.

1917 002

Rounding out the top five and laughing and scaring itself up a place, we once again find Joaquin Phoenix in his Oscar-winning role in ‘Joker‘. A former number one in its own right, the film has managed to return to the charts once more and hold its own against those who wish to try and ridicule it. The film has gotten what it f*****g deserved!

Joker 004

My favorite film of the year starts our look at the bottom five places as ‘Birds Of Prey: And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn‘ rises one place to clown around in the sixth position. Both’ Harley’ and ‘Joker’ are still experiencing the boost from last weekend’s DC FanDome and the dropping of their digital retail prices in celebration of the event.

Birds of Prey High-Res Images Unveiled by Warner Bros.

The animals have turned their backs on him again this week as Robert Downey Jr and ‘Dolittle‘ drops three placings to continue their adventures from the seventh position.

Robert Downey JR in Dolittle - Ocean Cruise

Our second and final new entry into this week’s top ten chart swims its way into number eight. And breaking the surface of the top ten placings with its fins, the threequel ‘Deep Blue Sea 3‘ finally arrives after spending several weeks outside the top titles. I haven’t seen the film as yet so I cannot and will not pass judgment on the film or attest to its quality (or lack of) but I can hope that it is a step up from the stinky turd that was ‘Deep Blue Sea 2‘. It can’t be any worse, can it? Surely not? From the reviews I’ve read, the film seems to be better than the second installment but once more cannot hold a candle to the classic original.

Deep Blue Sea 3

Although it has re-entered the chart down in the ninth position, I think we will see ‘Black Panther‘ rise up the chart somewhat by this time next week. The announcement of Chadwick Boseman’s death only hit the wires on Saturday morning in the UK and as such, the film hasn’t had that much time to propel itself higher into the chart placings. That will inevitably change over the next seven days, as it should. Film fans across the country, myself included, seem to be buying an extra copy of the film, whether it be on a disc or digitally to pay tribute to the actor and his defining role.


And finally, re-entering the chart in the tenth and final position by using the force one more time, we welcome back the saga closing ‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker‘ as it ignites its lightsaber and does battle with the other titles queuing behind it.


Hitting download and keep from Monday, September 7th, the comedy/drama ‘Misbehaviour‘ becomes available. The film tells the true story of a group of women who protested the 1970 Miss World beauty contest. The contest was held in London with the British born U.S comedian Bob Hope as the host. The show was popular at the time but the newly formed Women’s Liberation Movement planned and executed a stage invasion of the event which caused a major disruption. When the event restarted and reached its climax, the final result sent shockwaves around the world. The film stars Keira Knightley, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Lesley Manville, Keeley Hawes, and Greg Kinnear playing Bob Hope. The film sadly opened just as COVID-19 struck which curtailed its box office prospects somewhat. Hopefully now though, the film will make an impression on home entertainment and become a success.


And that rounds out another week. My thanks for joining in the fun once again and, as always, close with the following question. What do YOU think will make the grade this time next week? Forget answers on a postcard, just drop us a line right here at The Future Of The Force and let us know your thoughts.

Until then, whatever you decide, whatever you buy, stay safe, be kind, look after each other, and happy viewing!


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