February 6, 2023

At long last, Denis Villeneuve‘s sci-fi blockbuster has been revealed in all its glory!

After yesterday’s brief announcement trailer for the main thing, today we have finally been allowed to see what director Denis Villeneuve and his cast have accomplished in the upcoming Warner Bros / Legendary Pictures remake of Frank Herbert’s epic novel ‘Dune‘. Jump aboard a Sandworm and let’s take a voyage of discovery into what the world of ‘Dune‘ holds for us:

Those of us over a certain age will remember the first version of the film, made back in 1984 by director David Lynch from Universal Pictures which over the years has gained a cult following to make up for its failure at the box office. The film was heavily cut down for its cinematic release and it was uneven, disjointed, and confusing. A later extended version made up for some of the failures the first version contained but it seems that Villeneuve has delved completely into the novel and seems intent to bring us the definitive version of the book.


This version will bring us the first half of the book, allowing the material to breathe and the scope to take the audience’s breath away.  And I believe that the film could possibly deserve the title of ‘Epic’.

We will find out the truth on December 15th.


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(Source: Warner Bros.)


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