December 9, 2023
The Boys Season 2 Review

This week, the show once more demonstrates why it is one of the best things to stream on Amazon Prime.

Once again, ‘The Boys‘ has given us another top-quality episode to enjoy and be amazed at. The surprises continue to come thick and fast as the show moves forward with its plot and ever-evolving story and this week’s episode is another brilliant piece of writing, acting and includes some shocking twists and turns. Minor spoilers ahead so I’ll give you fair warning now. Those of you who want to see the episode clean should stop reading now as what I’ve got to say may ruin your enjoyment of the episode. FINAL WARNING!

‘The Boys’ Season 2 – Episode 4: Nothing Like It In The World | Amazon Prime Video


Still with me? Ok, let’s get started. The episode starts with the aftermath of last week’s shocking and emotional finale. Kimiko is still in shock after the violent murder of her brother by Stormfront. Frenchie has gone on a drug-fuelled binge and tries to cheer her up, an action she doesn’t appreciate. Billy Butcher fears for the deal he made to turn Kimiko’s brother over to the CIA in exchange for information about the whereabouts of his wife while Hughie is coming to terms with his near demise at the hands of Annie/Starlight on the orders of Homelander. Meanwhile, Homelander himself continues to seeth at Stormfront and her actions, her attempt to take over the team, and her total disregard of his orders as the team leader.  Black Noir is silently requesting the techs to track Butcher and find where he is. Butcher meets with Grace Mallory who holds up her end of the deal they made and hands Butcher the information he wants and needs to find his wife. Butcher sets out to track down Becca and leaves Mothers Milk in charge of the team.


Homelander later confronts Starlight in the elevator at Vought regarding her hesitation in complying with his order to kill Hughie to which Starlight tells him if he’s going to kill her then to do it as she no longer cares but has never lied to him, something Homelander knows to be true and lets her go. Starlight then joins Hughie and Mothers Milk on a mission to track down the former hero, Liberty who disappeared in 1979.  Mothers Milk isn’t too happy with Starlight accompanying them on their trip but both of them eventually bond while discussing memories of their fathers. However, during the impromptu road trip, they witness an accident, something that Hughie and Mothers Milk have to force Starlight to overlook to maintain their low profile.


Butcher makes his way towards his wife’s location and eventually makes contact. Taking a drive away from the cameras that keep a constant watch on her and her son, Butcher and Becca have an emotional reunion with each other. Both tell each other their respective stories about their lives ever since Butcher believed that Becca was dead. Meanwhile, the trio of MM, Hughie, and Annie find the address that they have been given to find by Butcher, speak with the occupant, and discover a shocking truth. Homelander finally confronts Stormfront before a nasty and shocking ending to the episode closes the midway point of the second season.

Review | The Boys


All of the plot threads are starting to converge towards each other and we can see that things will not end well for several, if not all of the characters we have come to know and love/hate. A reckoning between Homelander and Butcher and Homelander and Stormfront is now inevitable by the season finale and our fears for Hughie and Starlight are in danger of becoming reality. But its the relationship between Butcher and his wife that is in the most serious of jeopardy. All the years of believing she was dead, only to discover she is still alive and his desire to rescue her and be with her once more could end up being his downfall. Also, Kimiko and Frenchie’s relationship is becoming strained and we fear for them both going forward.


The writers have once more crafted an enjoyable and entertaining episode and after last week’s mayhem, have wisely decided to tone the action and violence down for this week and deliver a thought-provoking, slower, and quiet reflective episode, a choice that works wonders and is inspired. The series will almost certainly kick back into high gear somewhere over the coming weeks and the bloodletting will recommence. But for this week, the show once more demonstrates why it is one of the best things to stream on Amazon Prime.

Episode Rating: 4/5


The Boys season 2 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video NOW.


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