September 27, 2023

Carl checks out ‘The Magic Behind The Cape‘ at DC FanDome

The second part of the DC FanDome event has thrown up a few surprises to all the DC fans who have tuned in. But among the many different ‘Verses’ we can visit, I decided to take a look at the ‘Insiderverse‘. There are many terrific inside looks to be had but one caught my eye straight away. ‘The Magic Behind The Cape‘ is a twenty-four-minute look into what went into creating the special effects for the original 1978 ‘Superman The Movie‘ and to some extent ‘Superman II‘.

Superman The Movie

Hosted by Roy Field, who was part of the special effects team tasked with bringing the Man Of Steel to the big screen in a believable way, the documentary delves into the creative decisions that went into many of the effects shots and allows us to peek behind the curtain and see how they accomplished them.


As Roy Field himself states during the documentary, the greatest special effect was Christopher Reeve himself, who threw himself tirelessly into the special effects work and, being a glider pilot offscreen, could move his body aerodynamically to fit the flying scenes to perfection. There are some humorous looks into some of the ways they attempted to make Superman fly including animation and wooden models before they came up with the formula to accomplish what took the audience’s breath away more than forty years ago.

Superman The Movie Fly Past

The documentary is available on the DVD and Blu-ray boxset of ‘Superman‘ but for this fan event, they have brought it out once more for all fans to watch and enjoy.


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