A week of awesome DIGITAL bargains await…

Oh, I love it when Amazon and the rest of the streaming sites decide to do a mega movie week promotion. It is the time when my digital movie collection swells quite considerably. The deals change sometimes daily and new and differing titles become available at a bargain price. And of course, boxsets of TV shows also drop into the daily deals, giving the consumer the chance to own classic television series for consumption during the bleak times and the winter months, to keep them occupied while outside the door, the world is cold. With the current situation around the world with the coronavirus, it seems that most of us will be staying inside our homes and watching whatever entertainment we can get our hands-on.

mega movie week 2020

This week sees Prime Video unleash another Mega Movie Week upon us. And the titles that have become available on this very first day are an entertainment lover’s dream. Every genre is catered for and classic shows such as ‘Knight Rider‘, ‘Charlie’s Angels’, ‘Law And Order‘, or British fare such as ‘Mr. Selfridge‘, ‘Mrs. Browns Boys‘, ‘Midsummer Murders‘, and the like are now available at a knockdown price. I woke this morning and immediately added five new movies to my ever-expanding collection before breakfast! And that’s just the start of the buying frenzy I’m anticipating this week. I can see my collection building up to heights that I haven’t seen for many years. And that is the great thing about it. Having your favorite films at your fingertips such as ‘Halloween 2018‘, Blade Runner: The Final Cut‘, ‘Spaceballs‘, ‘Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls‘ and other classic titles have become available today and I believe that some of the more recent films will become available over the coming days.

Knight Rider 003

It is also a great idea for Mega Movie Week to exist. The situation for the cinemas around the world is completely dire to be truthful and has a knock-on effect on the home entertainment industry with the lack of new and top-quality entertainment becoming available. PVOD has gone some way to alleviate the problems the home entertainment industry is suffering (I still don’t believe that PVOD for big releases is the way forward, however) and is giving the industry a much-needed boost ahead of the bare and unforgiving coming months of uncertainty. I am a strong believer in the home entertainment market and am glad to do my part in trying to sustain them over the period we are all sadly facing. And with Prime Videos mega movie week, we can all play our part in keeping this important and frankly needed industry supported. Plus, we get to grow our collections up, ready for what lies ahead. So I urge you to do yourselves a favor, grab some great titles ready for the winter months, and get ready to sit back and relax. It would be rude not to!


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