Carl checks out the upcoming releases from Blumhouse Productions including ‘The Craft: Legacy‘ and ‘Firestarter

As I’m the FOTF horror movie buff, it falls to me to bring you the latest developments regarding two incoming horror films that are on the way from the haunted (possibly) halls of Hollywood. And it comes as no surprise to find that one is a remake while the other is a rather belated sequel. But as far as they are concerned, it is extremely interesting news indeed. Normally, it would be an eye roll from me and a distinct lack of interest. This time, however, my interest has been piqued by several bits of casting and production news. And surprise, surprise, both movies are coming from the same company.


That company is Blumhouse. In my opinion (and it is only my opinion), Blumhouse is the undeniable master of the horror genre at the moment. I can forgive the misfires that occasionally come from them (Fantasy Island) due to the incredible content they make and release. And that’s all down to Jason Blum himself. For those who have read the book ‘Taking Shape‘ which looks at every ‘Halloween‘ film that has been made (if you haven’t, grab a copy, it’s fantastic), you’ll get a blast out of reading about exactly how ‘Halloween 2018‘ came about and how Jason Blum was a huge driving force behind the film and it’s connectivity to the original classic 1978 film. Jason Blum gets it. He and Blumhouse Productions are fast becoming my favorite production company and when the news dropped regarding these two new movies, my interest levels went sky high.

First up and also with a Poster and a trailer for it, we have the belated sequel to ‘The Craft’. Written and directed by Zoe Lister-Jones, ‘The Craft: Legacy‘ will be hitting PVOD on October 28th and will see an international cinematic release in some markets too. Take a look below:

The official synopsis reads:

“In Blumhouse’s continuation of the cult hit ‘The Craft’, an eclectic foursome of aspiring teenage witches get more than they bargained for as they lean into their newfound powers”

The film stars Cailee Spaeny, Lovie Simone, Nicholas Galitzine, Gideon Adlon, Zoey Luna, Michelle Monaghan, and David Duchovny. None of the original cast, which included Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney, and Fairuza Balk are involved this time around.

The Craft: Legacy Poster

Blumhouse also has what could be one of the horror movie highlights of next year (alongside Halloween Kills) as they are behind a remake of the Stephen King novel ‘Firestarter‘. The original version of the film came out in 1984 and starred Drew Barrymore and followed a young girl who has developed pyrokinetic abilities. A secret Government agency discovers this and abducts her intending to harness her incredible powers to use as a weapon. This new version has announced that Zac Efron is slated to star in what will be the father role of Andy McGee, formerly played by David Keith in 1984. ‘The Vigil‘ director Keith Thomas wields the megaphone on this updated version from a script from Scott Teems (Halloween Kills). What marks this revised version out from the rest is the fact that none other than Stephen King himself, the godfather of horror novels, has given the screenplay his seal of approval. Thomas has gone on record, stating:

“It’s a new adaptation of the book. When Jason Blum pitched it to me it was exciting, as that’s one of my favorite Stephen King novels, and whilst I really like the 1980’s film, I felt we could do something new. The Screenplay is by Scott Teems who wrote the upcoming ‘Halloween Kills’, it’s an amazing script. It has everything you would want, people’s heads catching fire and their faces melting off, and a dad and daughter on the run trying to survive being chased in the heightened tense experience. We are hoping to film this year, it will be a lot of fun”

Zac Efron

My hopes for the film as well as ‘The Craft: Legacy‘ is that both are terrific entertainment and give the audience enough scares and chills to deserve being made. I will go on record and plead with Jason Blum and Blumhouse: PLEASE don’t make ‘Firestarter‘ with a PG-13 rating in mind! The material deserves to be kept in the R rated bracket and not diluted down. I have the belief that Jason Blum already knows that the film can’t be made for a PG-13 rating, the same as ‘Halloween‘ cannot fit into that bracket and will go full steam for the R rating the film needs to be. With that firmly in mind, I’m looking forward to what Blumhouse can pull out of the bag once more.


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