December 10, 2022

HBO Max acquires the rights to Gerard Butler‘s heartwrenching disaster movie

The Coronavirus and the subsequent closure of many of the theatres in several key locations in the United States have caused the cinematic year to suffer another casualty. The Gerard Butler disaster movie ‘Greenland‘ to completely bypass the cinemas in many places around the globe and will now instead debut in the U.S on the HBO Max network.

The film tells the story of a family and its quest for survival as an enormous comet heads towards the Earth. The film shows the good and the bad sides of human nature and is a dramatic tale alongside its disaster elements. The streaming service has landed the film in a deal that is rumored to be in the region of $20-30million and will become available in the early part of 2021. The film was originally due to open in September before being pulled and scheduled for the latter part of 2020.

Greenland Poster

The film is also going to hit the Amazon Prime streaming service in Canada, The United Kingdom, and Australia. The plan was originally to release the film in the UK and as recently as yesterday, the BBFC website was still displaying the film as receiving a 15 rating. However, it is now confirmed that the film will go to the streaming service but there has been no word on whether the film will be on the site for subscribers for free or if it will be a PVOD release in line with the U.S.  The film cost $35million to produce but has launched cinematically in several countries, propelling the film to have a studio estimated $45million in box office takings. It is also still scheduled to open in cinemas in several territories yet and will add to its total box office gross.

This is a win/win situation for STX, the company behind the film. It will be interesting to find out how the film gets on when it hits PVOD in the U.S and if STX and HBO Max have made the right decision in regards to the release of the film.

(Source: Deadline)


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