December 6, 2023
Hans Zimmer Takes Over Scoring Duties on No Time To Die

Get your first listen of the composer’s new James Bond score

Despite myself still being concerned about the release of the new James Bond film ‘No Time To Die‘ and if it will actually happen, I can’t deny that the build-up towards the film’s November dates of release is starting to increase with every passing day. Yesterday, we had Billie Eilish’s music video for her quite brilliant new theme song from the film and it was rather sultry looking, to be honest. I have to admit, I did think the video was the perfect tone for the song.


Today though, the Bond fans get their first tease of Hans Zimmer‘s score for the upcoming spy adventure. And what a way to get the fans onside. For not only do we get to hear what Zimmer has done with the Bond theme, but it also answers the question that fans have been asking. Is the famous Gunbarrel sequence at the beginning of the film as it should be? The answer is an emphatic Yes! Although less than a minute long, the track that Zimmer has unveiled on his YouTube channel is the opening Gunbarrel theme from the movie.  I will withhold my comments until after you’ve listened to it for yourselves:

Ok, so what do you think? As you can hear, the build-up to the Gunbarrel theme itself which appeared at the start of the previous film, ‘Spectre‘ makes a welcome return here before Zimmer unleashes his version of the classic opening theme. But what of Zimmer’s Gunbarrel theme itself? I have to admit feeling I was right in some respects in my fears for his music. The blast that starts the theme itself is, to my mind, kind of a mix between the classic John Barry blasts from the 1960s films, which is welcome but also sounds slightly tinny and reminiscent of a video game version. The theme itself is wonderful and just how a Bond Gunbarrel should be but the guitar that underlines the theme is slightly lacking to my mind. But as for the spin and turn part of the theme, it is almost perfect, just as it needs to be. And the twang of the guitar at the end of it is a welcome addition.

In truth, it is a good Gunbarrel theme and one that does herald the arrival of 007. That what follows won’t be a great Bond score is still up for question but from what I’ve heard so far, Zimmer has at least put a lot of thought into the theme. And that is just what the film needs. At the very least, it certainly won’t be in the same category as Eric Serra’s woeful score to ‘Goldeneye‘ so that is a bonus.

Hans Zimmer’s score for ‘No Time To Die‘ becomes available on November 13th on CD and digital download.


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