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For those of us who were around during the 1980s, we have (kind of) fun memories of the decade. The music, the events, Live Aid, and of course, the clothes and the hairstyles! The shoulder pads are an awful reminder of what the 80s encompassed. I’m sorry but every time I saw someone wearing a dress that contained shoulder pads, I thought they had left a clothes hanger in by mistake. But you get my drift. We can look back at some of the things that we were wearing, the hairstyles we used to sport, Jane Fonda, telling us all to ‘Go for the burn’ and cringe with embarrassment. But we can also look back at those times with fond and treasured memories.


If you’ve ever seen the film ‘The Wedding Singer‘ then you’ll understand what I mean. The film was funny and made us laugh out loud. But it also got it spot on with bringing back to us everything the decade encompassed. The music was completely fantastic, all techno beats and body-popping, the look of the decade, and everything I remember from my youth. It was also a decade where some of the greatest movies were made and screened in theatres.


To celebrate the sights and sounds of the 1980s, must-see movies 80s has aligned itself with National Album Day to bring us a massive Must-See Movies 80s celebration. Taking place over the whole month of October starting from Saturday 10th October, supermarkets and retailers such as Amazon, HMV, Tesco, ASDA and Morrisons will be stocking a great range of the classic 1980s movies we all know and love. These titles include but are not limited to Big, Blade Runner, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Stand By Me, Purple Rain, The Goonies, Ghost, E.T, Cocktail, The Lost Boys, Robocop, Dune, Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Conan The Destroyer, Labyrinth, Ghostbusters and of course, the ultimate female and male movies in Dirty Dancing for the ladies and Top Gun for the guys.


The last two gave us not only fantastic cinematic entertainment but also gave us terrific soundtracks to boot. While the ladies were swooning over Patrick Swayze not letting anyone put Baby in the corner, the guys were whooping as Tom Cruise felt the need, the need for speed.

Dirty Dancing 001

This special promotion will be taking place across the country throughout October with each retailer offering their selection of titles. This will help boost the high street stores as the customers will have to visit the different stores to get the full range of titles in the collection. There will be something for everyone, no-one will be left out of the fun. To help celebrate this wonderful event, the Official Charts Company in conjunction with National Album Day will be running the Ultimate 80s Movie Poll to finally settle the debate for good. Participation could provide thoughts and inspiration into what to buy and watch next!


And to add to the fun, has put together a neat little quiz that tests our knowledge of the films of the 1980s. I took it myself and I got every one right. It does help if you’re a complete movie geek like myself but why not give it a whirl. And while you’re at it, why not go through the collections that are gathering dust somewhere and re-visit some of the classic tunes from a classic decade. You could SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND  when you PUMP UP THE VOLUME to 19. If you’re looking for FAME then you’ll need the EYE OF THE TIGER as you head towards THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. Or you could be LIVING ON A PRAYER and AGAINST ALL ODDS, you could be DANCING ON THE CEILING if everybody cuts FOOTLOOSE!


Why not join in the fun and relive the heyday for big hair, big shoulder pads, shell suits, and the Sinclair C5 by going back to the 1980s with the movies and the music from Saturday, October 10th. YOU’LL  HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE and it will TAKE MY BREATH AWAY if you do!


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